D3V & INTOXIIC’s Voltage is EP is a fresh, and outstanding addition to bass music!

D3V & INTOXIIC’s Voltage EP is one of the best things we’ve heard all month. The entire 3 track EP is full of Fresh, crazy new sounds that stand apart from a highly over saturated market of Electronic music.

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Kai Straw – Supernova [Review]

Imagine a cold, dark sky with nothing but dim stars as far as the eye can see. All of the sudden, a dramatic explosion happens and a new bright star appears in the sky…. It’s no surprise that Kai Straw‘s latest track, “Supernova”, is a cosmic blast of soothing vocals, rhythmic future bass, and catchy…

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Local Lowdown: Atwood

From every genre in the book, the Houston scene has been blowing up with locals left and right. Our eyes are on all of them. This humble gentlemen is one of many, rising stars in Houston. Playing around 100+ shows since the beginning of his DJ career, in December 2016, Atwood gives nothing but high energy sets and pure love to his community.

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