MAKK x DRU drop Noob Noob’s Revenge!

Being the first track off of Makk’s newest EP, The Multiverse, NY local, Makk, and Houston native, DRŪ, bring Noob Noob to life and let him reek havoc on the Vindicators. 

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Boombox Cartel Unleashes a remix EP For the ages

Boombox Cartel has taken over the scene as one of the greatest and most respected producer/DJ duos out. With one hell of an outstanding year, Americo and Jorge continued the hot streak by dropping an EP that left many asking, “Can Boombox Cartel even make a bad song?” … The answer appears to be no. The Cartel EP had producers everywhere scrambling to be plugged for an official remix. Late last night… the remix EP was unleashed.

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Who is Kosko? |Woman Strong DJ Profile

Kosko? If you live in Houston and follow the local scene at ALL, you know of this little bad ass! I first heard of Angie when I hosted the TRILLVO Pool party and had over 30 DJ’s submit mixes to be considered to play the event… not only did Angie make the final 6 but she won a spot to play! I’ve followed her career since then and we’ve also become dope friends. This girl isn’t just a bad ass DJ but a bad ass dancer! Check her out…

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