Slander & NGHTMRE are off on the GUD Vibrations Tour & are stopping by Houston Very Soon! Here’s your chance to give someone you love an early Christmas Gift

The catch here is, you can’t enter the contest yourself, you can only nominate other people to win! Here’s how, Go to the contact section of & Nominate a friend or family member that you have seen do something truly selfless for others!

Write a short summary of what you witnessed a friend or family do that was completely selfless & helped others who truly needed it, lets bring some PLUR back into the community! It doesn’t matter if it happened at a festival or show, it could have happened anywhere! An Example would be, gave up a weekend to feed the homeless. ECT.

Winner will be chosen Monday, Novemeber 28th, 2016. GOOD LUCK!

(Disclaimer: Tickets paid for and provided by Contest in no way associated with Nightculture or Stereo Live. 1 Entry Per Person, you cannot nominate more than one person)

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

2 replies on “Enter to Win 2 VIP Tickets to see Slander B2B NGHTMRE @ Stereo Live Houston 12/1/2016

  1. Hello Trillvo!
    I wanted to double check to make sure my nomination entry for the contest was recieved. It has been a frustrating past couple of days at my place when trying to use the internet. My apologizes if you got more then one entry from me. No worries, all have the same person nominated, but with the internet issues, I have typed this nomination like six times & tried sending my nomination thru laptop, iPad & phone, but haven’t gotten any clear indication that my entry actually got to you. Most of the times I tried to submit, I would get an error message about the server not responding. 😣

    If you have not received it, is there still time for me to retry sending it in or is the contest closed/has a winner been selected? I hope not because I really want to get the chance to nominate an amazing person who deserves a chance to go rage! LMK ASAP, please!

    Thanks for your understanding!!
    -Natalie Blaire

    BTW..awesome concept for s contest! I think this was a splendid idea and hope the entire world can adopt this concept as a mindset…some PLURness is needed, badly in this crazy world we live in! Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks again for being understanding to my situation!


    1. Hey Natalie! I havent received your submission! please text it to me if you cant get it to go through! thanks so much for all the kind words! 713-412-6541! i look forward to reading it!


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