Friday couldn’t have come soon enough! I have been a huge rickyxsan fan for awhile and when I heard he would be doing a b2b with fellow underground heavy hitter, Wuki, I jumped at the opportunity to push the show to people who may have  never heard of

We got to the show just in time to see Ducky from LA & Uniiqu3 from Newark.
Ducky & Uniiqu3 seemed to really vibe well together… their transitions were smooth and they hopped from genre to genre with ease. They started off with a nice mix of house and Moombahton and had the already pretty packed crowd shuffling until midway through the set they started dropping some pretty filthy trap right before I heard one of uniiqu3’s own tracks, I’m Lit. They dropped DJ Sliink’s remix of Scylla into Akira’s Space Race, which was extra dirty and got a great response from the crowd. The girls closed their set with a mix of moombahton, trap, and bass.


Ducky on the left & Uniiqu3 on the right @ Stereo Live Houston 11/19/2016
Photo by:

At around 11:30, I saw rickyxsan & Wuki step on stage and prepare to take over. Wuki is a Denver based producer/ DJ With huge tracks like Make It Clap and one of my favorite unreleased tracks DaDaDaDa. He has support from the likes of Knife Party, Skrillex, Boombox Cartel, and Rolling Stone Magazine. Rickyxsan, who is from LA, has been making a huge push in the scene for the past couple of years with big tracks like his remix to Freak, his track with dirty audio – Gettin’ That (which was one of the biggest tracks of this year), Dolphin on Wheels remix &  recent release – Gotta Lean Back. I was super hype to see them do this B2B and expected them to shut it down after talking to some producer friends and hearing that Wuki kills it live.

 They did not disappoint me at all dropping so much filthy trap, bass, and dubstep all night. The duo opened up with a remix/mash up of swimming pools that I wish I could’ve ID’d. They played a few trap remixes and originals of trap classics like Slam Dunk by Valentino Khan and Skrillex, Cut It, & Propaganda. They played one of my favorite tracks, Ricky Remedy’s remix of Party Drink & Smoke. I was excited to finally hear DaDaDaDa live because for the past week or so I’ve played it for people in my car and all I get is LIT reactions… and sure enough the crowd loved it! I heard 4B into Jotaro, they even played T.I. – What You Know. At this point, I had people that showed up upon my recommendation come and find me to thank me for insisting they come early to check out the pair. Ricky and Wuki were killing it…they had the whole club mobbin’!  They kept the trap vibes up by dropping Antidote into – Snakes (Michael Sparks Remix), Nghtmre & LOUDPVCK – Click Clack, Hero Bust – Bottle Swervice, and Barely Alive’s remix to Dirty Work. The vibe was high energy…I don’t think anyone in that crowd was standing still. I can’t explain to you how happy I was to hear Yehme2’s remix to Goosebumps.

rickyxsan sung the lyrics to Kiss – I wanna rock n roll all night, LMFAO, voice of an angel ricky.

Ricky & Wuki continued the evening by dropping Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (VIP) VS Eptic – The End (Breaux VIP) into MEDASIN & X&G – The Zoo, and they just kept dropping banger after banger like Donald Bucks – Bloodclat.

It’s so refreshing to go to a show and hear a bunch of tracks that aren’t played in every other set. I want to give the duo props for transitioning us so smoothly into newer tracks. They started with a variety of more well known tracks then slowly but surely made their way into the less well known areas of their playlists, until finally I heard Wuki say, “Hey! rickyxsan just showed me this today!” and after that statement it was just ID? – ID?, rickyxan – ID? & Wuki – ID? It was pure filth! The feedback they were receiving from the crowd was insane and after awhile I just kept writing in my notes, “more filth! damn what is this? & FUCK”! We were lucky to be able to hear all these unreleased tracks from these underground heavy hitters and I can’t wait until they get released.

You could tell they were having tons of fun, they even played Space Jam almost the entire way through. LOL!

I expected them to murder the set and they delivered! I can’t wait to see what’s up next for these two, hopefully more B2B’s like this, maybe some collabs on tracks.
Catching up with one of the Resident Stereo Live DJ’s after their set, he told me, “I swear I feel like I know almost every bass song ever made & for a solid 10 minutes I couldn’t ID a single one.” I’m right there with you.

If you get the chance to ever go see one of these guys live, take it.



Anna Lunoe On Stage @ Stereo Live Houston 11/12/2016
Photo  by

After their set Anna Lunoe & Mija Took Over and it wasn’t long before all 6 DJ’s were on stage spinning together. I finally heard rickyxsan’s Dolphin on Wheels during this Epic 6 way B2B, which ended the night for me on a perfect note. Hyper house was a show for the books – don’t miss the tour when it stops by your city!

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