A couple weeks ago I hosted a contest to win 2 VIP tickets to Slander B2B NGHTMRE on December 1st at Stereo Live Houston. To win you had to nominate a friend or family member & tell me why he deserved it! The following story touched me the most, meet Scott Newmeyer & his clearly grateful friend Myles Waters. Read his submission below & congratulation Scott!

“I’d like to nominate my best friend/ brother Scott newmeyer. Back in June 2015 I had got kicked out of the house by my father. At the time Scott and I were friends for like a year tops. Scott gave me a place to crash while I worked to get on my feet. Due to him housing me and even arguing with his parents about me staying there I was able to save up enough money for us to get an apartment as roommates. A few months after I ended up financing my very first vehicle, shortly after I got to leave Pappadeaux where we worked for a new and more lucrative opportunity at a Maserati dealer. I thank this man any time I can because through it all he helped me despite his parents saying I needed to leave. I would like to nominate him because money has been tight on his end lately and nghtmre is his favorite dj so if he could get these 2 tickets so him and his girl can see a beautiful set from nghtmre and slander it would be greatly appreciated.”

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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