If you’re not aware by now, one of the originators of the genre we’ve all fondly come to know as trap, UZ (pronounced ew-zee, like the gun – you should know this though), has formed his own label known as Quality Goods Records. I adore UZ! Everything about this producer showcases the characteristics I love in music.
7 months ago UZ gave us trap gold in the form of the Magellan EP. This post isn’t about that EP, but instead the Magellan Remixes EP. UZ was inspired by an up and coming artist named UNKWN, who remixed his song Cavern. UZ happened to stumble upon UNKWN’s remix and loved it, this remix inspired the remixes EP and that’s what I’m reviewing for you today.


The Ep starts off with 2 remixes to the track the original EP was named after, Magellan. The original track is amazing, it’s UZ at his best. That being said, to hold your own with this track is really saying something, but that’s exactly what these 2 artists did with their remixes.

TYNVN paid homage to the original melody by letting us hear it faintly in the background. The first drop gives the original sound a trap horn makeover that no doubt made the trap god proud. After an enticing bridge, he builds into the second drop, which really showcases how good he is. Midway through the second drop he hits you with a switch, the cherry on top to this amazing remix.

Blvk Sheep’s remix to Magellan is a strikingly different approach. He gives trademark wubs that complement the original very well, but also make the track completely his own – and I’m so glad he did. It’s like the combination of dubstep and trap you never knew you wanted until you heard it done so well by such a talented artist. UZ knew what he was doing with this pick.

Tascione has one of my favorite remixes on the EP – it’s incredible. The original was already great, but Tascione made it better with much respect to UZ. Every part of the song flows well and hits hard. The sound is unique, but stays true to its trap roots completely. If I HAD to pick only one track I could hear live it would be this one.

Hounds took the static sounding bells from the original track and put a haunting spin on them. The first drop is a completely unexpected twist on the original, but that’s just a warm up, after an eerily soothing bridge leads us into the second drop Hounds really shows off his skills. I had honestly never heard of Hounds before this EP but I’m 100% a fan now.

UNKWN’s remix to Cavern is the first of 2 on the EP. This remix inspired the EP, so what compliment can we give it that UZ hasn’t already? The track is heavy bass and has a vocal drop to prepare you for it, but what you aren’t prepared for is how creative he is with his sounds. If you’re not familiar with him, familiarize yourself, he has way more loaded clips in the chamber than just this masterpiece of a remix.

Saymyname takes the original version of Cavern and gives it his own hard trap treatment, the sound has become synonymous with him and has grown him a large fan base of #saymynamesoldiers. You won’t be able to sit still during this high energy remix.

Champagne drip did an incredible fucking job on this remix. I went in listening with high expectations given Big Makk’s (R.I.P.) name on the track. Anything less than incredible would’ve been an utter disappointment but jeez, Champagne drip did something amazing with this track. I’ve noticed something interesting about a portion of his tracks, they do all remind me in one way or another of the bubbling/sparkling sound of champagne and this one is no different. His combination of contrasting sounds forms one beautiful track.

Listen to the EP here

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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