From it’s very opening, “Tension” definitely earns its name as it begins with an ethereal melody, high hat, and beautiful vocals from Kate Westall. This sets the mood for the entire D&B track which sets the listener on a journey they’re sure to enjoy as the first wave of pulsating beats are brought to the forefront from the first drop. Along with some dreamy synths to boot.

Fred V & Grafix really know how to give Drum & Bass some style with they’re own unique spin on that familiar beat. The English duo have been producing it for years, so it’s only natural they’d deliver once more! Where they excel at most in this track is the 2nd drop towards the final minute, as synths, and an awesome 80s-era guitar solo closes out the song. It’s something that makes you feel as if you’re in a training montage in a Rocky movie. Or even a Power Ranger!

My only wish for this track was that I longed for the guitar solo to last just at least 30 seconds longer before closing out the song so abruptly. Regardless, this is still a solid piece of music for any Drum & Bass lover! I’d give “Tension” an 8 out of 10 just for it’s blending of 80s style Rock in an already good-sounding D&B song. Check this track out and more on the album: Hospital: We Are 21


Posted by:michaelplacencia

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