Herobust is starting 2017 with some FLAMES! “VERTEBREAKER”, his second EP, is sure to do just what the name suggests, break some necks. The six song EP has everything from head banging to trap-arming. He’s ready to bust 2017 and take over the game. Hayden “Herobust” Kramer, starting 2017 strong after a very exciting 2016, his ‘I’m Aloud album’ had eveybody going bananas with festival bangers such as, Skurt Reynolds, Dirty Work and Bottle Swervice being dropped by all of the legends.


The new EP has massive support from producers like Getter, Snails and Kayzo, just to name a few. VERTEBREAKER is sure to have everybody gripping the barricade!

With a heavy whisper telling you to “bang, bang, bang yo head” , and then “gang gang break yo neck!” It’s just a warning that you are about to get busted by what sounds like a glass bottle breaking thrown in with some hard hitting bass tearing through your subs, you can’t help but to break ya neck!

Herobust at Stereo Live

I love his word play with these song tracks! ‘Dirt heater tea’ (Dirty Dirty, you might have to say it slow because I did lol) ‘Move Mint’, also apart of his clever word play continued with  Just ‘Dawn Hue’ and ‘Heave Meddle’. These perfect track names bring with them amazing sounds! ‘Heavy Meddle’ is an impressive metal sounding track with some prominent synths and hard drumming to make you feel like you’re listening to Lars Ulrich. “Status Busted”gives you the start up sound from your Windows computer into a drop that’ll make your trap arms move for sure! Herobust shows us some of his bars in Move Mint; in case you weren’t aware, Herobust actually does the vocals for most of his tracks.

 VERTEBREAKER is an all around exceptional EP By Herobust and I’m just waiting for him to VIP bust one of these tracks like he did ‘Skurt Reynolds’! You never know what Herobust may bust up next and we’re ready for it.

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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