Written by Ali Haseeb

Troy Beetles, AKA, Datsik made his way to Houston last Friday on his 47 city Ninja Nation Tour. Accompanying him were heavy bass hitters Virtual Riot and Crizzly, a Texas native. With a sold out show at Stereo Live, you know all the bassheads were excited for this one. As I park my car, I already hear the bass from the parking lot. It’s fairly early, so Virtual Riot is on at the moment getting things warmed up. He has a sweet sound that incorporates several genres including dubstep, drum and bass,  and future house. Chances are you’ve either heard or used a preset from Germany’s Virtual Riot, his sound is a very big part of what defines the new wave of dubstep.


To my surprise, the main dance floor is already packed, but what caught my attention was the wicked stage set up. The tour brought their own and it was absolutely mind blowing! The state of the art production created a visual experience that added to the intensity of the bass. I went to the middle of the dance floor and it was obvious that Virtual Riot had the crowd warmed up for Crizzly. While attending UTSA, I saw him multiple times at close knit, intimate venues during his residency and was always impressed with his filthy trap sets.


I make my rounds, greet fellow bassheads, soon I hear my favorite mix of dub and trap being dropped; Crizzly is up!  He transitions back and forth between his usual trap sound and the dirty dubstep feel that virtual riot helped kick off. From his remixes of Chain Hang Low and Certified G’s featuring Houston’s own Slim Thug to the heavy synths of him and a darker Dubstep legend Figure’s All black everything. The crowd definitely went wild when he played an alternative drop to his remix of Bassnectar and Excision’s Put it down. One of my favorite tracks of all time! His rendition of popular songs with this crunkstep vibe definitely get the crowd hype for Datsik. He reads the crowd well and feeds off their energy.


At what seemed like the pinnacle of the show, I step to the right side of the stage and take a look into the audience, the crowd is bouncing to beat of Swagga and completely full of energy! The rail has a full row of guys and girls with long hair, head banging in perfect formation, that’s when I realized that I have to make my way up there! After navigating a bit through the crowd I find myself front and center, the whole room seems to vibrate as his sounds bounce off walls and shake the floor. The extra wall of bass they set up added to the sound that Stereo already has in place; I can feel it throughout my entire body. Everywhere around me I see people dressed in Ninja outfits, a huge mosh pit at one point and incredible vibes coming from every direction, this is no longer a club, or a concert… it’s a massive party with the whole venue involved. Datsik threw down an absolutely legendary set full of filthy dubstep! His song selection, which included a mix of tracks off his Sensei EP, mixing and overall production were outstanding.

The incredibly low cost of the ticket combined with lighting/sound and stage production, and lets not forget that light up LED conical hat plus the lineup of 3 outstanding sets made this show one you do not want to miss if it comes to your city!

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