Harley Edward Streten, “Flume” is an Australian DJ and a soul speaking genius when it comes to music. Flume has blessed us with a part two of “Skin Companion Part One” that he released in 2016. Unlike that EP, these four songs show a deeper side of Flume. The music that Harley produces is like no other electronic music in the game. Flume tends to bring a more intricate sound to the table by using winding sounds in the middle of a repeating mix to focus your attention on what will happen next in the song.


Flume’s  EP is perfect for driving around in the car or chilling in the backyard staring up at the stars after a long day at work; it’s music that is going to make your heart sing. Music that sincerely makes you want to fly; Flume does that for me and in 2017 he has done no less than that for anyone else

Enough Featuring Pusha T.

Hard beat drops as Pusha T starts to rap some intense, real lyrics. Flume brings an almost suspensful movie sound, where the girl is about to go into the haunted house; you know the scene? Gives you that feeling that every word Pusha is about to rap is going to be more important than the last. “Seen the world on these tours. Pop champagne ’til I’m bored. Yeah, partied off shores but, it ain’t enough.” to sum up the song, these words really stood out to me. The whole song talks about material things, but it ain’t enough. Music speaks; artists such as producers and rappers that have been in the game for awhile understand that the material will never be enough. One of the few things in life that are universal is music. Flume dropping lessons.

Weekend (feat. Moses Sumney)

Usually the chorus of any song is the “catchiest” part of the song, if you will. I wouldn’t say Weekend is catchy, but it’s definitely the song on this EP that is the easiest to ride to the entire time. A fundamentally low beat followed by an “uh” for a couple of bars until the drums start with the sickest beat to nod your head too. Followed by some soft “oooo ooo” whispers to tickle your soul with. It isn’t until 2 minutes into the song that the tone of the song completely changes into an almost creeping sound that anticipates Moses Sumney’s words, “our love was a weekend on the water..” After two small verses, Flume ends the song with a beautiful two minutes of slow piano. Complete coloring book of a song to have your hand in the air in your feels. Vibes until the very last note.


Depth Charge

With some soft tambourines and a heavy drum to go perfectly with the atmospheric sounds we all know and love Flume for, Depth shows a darker and richer side to the type of style Flume tends to do. The arrangements of the sounds that leave you hanging on by a thread to await the next is crazy. This song alone shows the meaning of true ‘Depth Change’ in electronic music. Sincerely making you believe you’re in a scary movie scene to switching completely to the sounds of an electric guitar. Emotions all over the place with the way Flume puts his music together. Without one single word he truly makes you feel something.

Fantastic (feat. Dave Glass Animals)

Back to lessons. With the craziest beat to go along with words such as “Life wrapped up in plastic, classics. Fucking fantastic. Television show a sitcom classic. Fuzzy screen static.” You remember the movie Mean Girls? And how the bitches were called plastic? I am a strong believer that music speaks directly to and from the soul and this song proves just that. Such a darker side to flume, keeping a steady but strong drum and bass in the background with  the slightest in and out winding sound to keep you wrapped in. This track touches on how we truly do live a world full of plastics, television, drugs and social media and have forgotten what truly matters.

Skin Companion II shows us that the darkness can still be beautiful as Flume takes dark topics and creates art; I think we can all appreciate that.

Posted by:Bella Marie Hall

inspiring producer. actual writer. spiritual being. human vessel and soul.

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