For years Above & Beyond and Anjunadeep as a whole have given us great albums; compilation albums consisting of talent from the likes of Soundprank, Ilan Bluestone, Oliver Smith, and more are what truly bring out the art and creativity the likes of which this label conveys so beautifully.


The thirteenth entry
in this compilation series boasts some big names, as well as familiar, new, and underrated ones. The album comes jam packed with 32 tracks and 2 continuous mixes to truly showcase every song and distinct genre. From Progressive House, to Big Room, Experimental, and beyond.

The first four tracks open the album up on a quiet scale until Oliver Smith’s “Shadows” begins to pick things up, alluding to some Eric Prydz vibes. A few more tracks both mellow and upbeat follow, but it’s Jaytech’s “Inspire” that really has the buildup to not only earn the track’s name, but also does exactly what the title says: Inspire.

It’s worth noting for 80s fans out there that Grum’s take on Tears For Fears’ “Shout” is very well done. Sound prank’s “Don’t Take It Away” delivers catchy vocals, claps, and an addictive beat. Ilan Bluestone’s “Elevate” is sure to do just that to your spirit and mood. One track that had me coming back for more was Oliver Smith’s “Endorphin”. Yet another track deserving of its name for it’s foot-stomping beat, uplifting buildup, and Big Room House drop.

The album continues by delivering beat after beat with Deep House-style Wrechiski’s “Brief Encounter”. Of course, what would an Anjunabeats compilation be without Andrew Bayer? “From The Past” is Bayer at his best as he closes out the first half of the album.

Bayer also opens the second half with he and Ilan Bluestone’s beautifully written “Destiny”. An 8-minute journey that will definitely take you for a ride. Sunny Lax’s “Everything’s A Lie” definitely adds a different layer to the album with a heavy beat yet transitions to calming vocals. This continues with Luminary’s “Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Update). A track both with chill and upbeat feels.

Genix brings the fire with heavy beats, a powerful buildup, and a drop with a good payoff in the form of “Olympus”. Even Seven Lions makes an appearance on this compilation! “Higher Love” with Jason Ross is a great way to cap off the closing of the album, but it wouldn’t be a proper Anjunabeats compilation without the legends (Above & Beyond) to lend amazing tracks such as “Alright Now”, “Balearic Balls”, “Sink The Lighthouse (Maor Levi Remix)”, and “On a Good Day (Ilan Bluestone Remix)” to close out the album.

All in all, this is definitely one album that’s highly recommended for any fan of trance, progressive, Anjunadeep, and of course Above & Beyond above all. And after listening to each and every track as well as both continuous mixes, I’m proudly giving this album a 9 out of 10 for both masterful mixing, creativity, and great use of talent.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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