“I’m not fucking finished with Hard Trap!” -Bailo

There’s an energy in the air this morning when I wake up at around 9:30am the day of the show. The previous evening with Bailo & his outstanding photographer, Gonzo, was filled with laughter and good vibes spent with fans at Houston bars like Dogwood & Boondocks. Bailo is an artist that truly understands the value of connecting with fans and it was apparent on Thursday evening as we danced the night away in an intimate setting with close to 30 of them at one point.

Bailo & Fans @ Dogwood; Houston, TX

Today is going to be hectic in preparation for the show, we make a home cooked Texas style breakfast for Bailo and Gonzo then schedule an in house haircut appointment from one of Houston’s best, Jairo Cruz. After a few airport runs and getting everybody checked in to their hotel rooms it’s time to head to sound check.

Bailo getting a fresh cut by one of Houston’s best Stylists, Jairo Cruz
Photo by @YOGONZO

This sound check was probably the most fun sound check I have ever witnessed, The lit lords arrive at the venue just in time to make it and came flying on to the stage to practice MCing as Bailo, Lunatix, Milano & DrewFilament all laugh and join in the fun. This sound check set the tone for the rest of the evening as the good vibes carried over into the green room. There was a vibe, a pure joyful energy that filled the room as everyone relaxed and cracked jokes. Shortly after sound check the first opener took the stage, Rager Rabbit. Interestingly enough, before I ever knew this awesome local DJ, I ran across one of his mixes on soundcloud by accident and became a fan! He definitely did his thing before Monstar followed shortly after and kicked some house vibes to the crowd in good opener fashion to not wear out the crowd before the madness that was soon to follow!

Earlier in the month Stereo Live & Nightculture offered up a contest with the chance to meet Bailo, and “attempt” to beat him at Fifa while grubbing on some authentic taco stand tacos with him in the green room before the show! During The openers sets the winners gathered together to spend one on one, intimate time with him; nobody was able to beat him! Bailo has a way with making anyone feel completely comfortable around him, he talks to each and every person as if you have known each other for years!

Bailo beating the fan that talked the most shit at Fifa, LMAO
Photo by @YOGONZO

Lunatix stormed on to this stage for their debut show and absolutely killed it! From beginning to end it was pure filth. The crowd was full of people screaming and losing their minds! It’s been ages since I’ve been part of a show like this, I couldn’t help myself at all, I bulldozed my way into the center of the crowd to find my squad and hop up on this giant block in the center of the dance floor and threw the hardest trap arms I could! To see these two kids I’ve watched put in such hard work play this huge venue with hundreds of screaming fans was euphoric! They dropped so many of their own tracks along with countless Lit Lords tracks & I saw one of the biggest mosh pits I’ve ever seen at stereo during a remix of Melody by themselves & Kionne. I lost my entire fucking mind when they transitioned from the Kill into a remix of Riot by Tyraz. They brought out Milano to rap a few tracks which was sick! Normally when a rapper is brought out during an EDM set, it can totally kill the vibe; this was the complete opposite! Milanos delivery & hard hitting lyrics completely added to the intensely hype atmosphere of the night!  They ended their set with a sevon lions track as Bailo got ready to take the stage.

 lunabaes.jpg  lunatix
Lunatix @ Stereo Live Houston.
Photo by @dkchi

Bailo is a mother fucking force to be reckoned with, this man came on this stage, opened with Ichiban into Saymyname’s tavern remix and the crowd went bananas! I think that’s the biggest mosh pit I have ever seen at Stereo Live.. Every single track he played was pure unadulterated fucking insanity. From start to finish, with hard trap, trap & jersey tracks thrown at you from every direction. Bailo brought out DrewFilament & the Lit Lords for their own tracks! We had girls on stage twerking & the entire crowd participated in the “everybody get down!” request from Bailo, it was non stop madness. There was something about the energy and the vibe in the venue this night, no matter which way you looked everybody had a smile on their face, it almost felt Euphoric in a sense. I’m not sure if it was the fact that not only was it Lunatix’s debut show and Bailo’s biggest show to date but there was just a glow all around that radiated off of everyone. Even though there was a mosh pit of epic proportions, nobody was trying to hurt anyone, everyone was just having the time of their lives! At one point I looked up at our lighting and sound booth to see everyone in the production room turning the fuck up! Bailo played so many unreleased tracks by himself including a remix with Bite Me that evoked screams from all over the place! When Bailo dropped his firestorm remix the entire crowd lit up with camera phone lights. Looking out at the crowd from up on the stage during this moment was absolutely beautiful. I had a fan write to us after the show saying, “I don’t know why the fuck a hard trap show has me so emotional!” and that really just sums up the feelings I think everyone on that stage and in that crowd felt right then.

Bailo @ Stereo Live Houston
Photos by @YOGONZO

After the show Bailo stayed and made sure he got a picture with absolutely every single fan that wanted one, he refused to be rushed out the door and miss any of them. Whenever all the fan love was finished, we headed out for a Private after party with the guys where Bailo, Lunatix & the lit lords took part in some epic B2B’s. In true house party fashion there was beer pong, flip cup, jello shots & fans all around getting to mingle with the artists, we even had chik-fil-a catered! It was a beautiful way to end an unforgettable night.

Bailo & Bryan Kolpuc from LUNATIX with owner of the after party house, Martin Fassi at the after party sponsored by TRILLVO & XGEAR101

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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