SAYMYNAME with Party Favor, Slushii & Herobust @ Stereo Live Houston, October 2016

SAYMYNAME, better known as The Godfather of Hard Trap, holds the title for pioneering a sound that sparked a new sub genre and opened a path for tons of talented new artists to rise to the top. Say what you want about the genre, his music or him you cant deny that he ushered in a new era. His sound elicits reactions that boast some of the highest calibers of energy. If you’ve ever been to one of his shows, you know the energy is electric. If you haven’t been to one of his shows, you’ve more than likely heard his music rinsed out and there’s no denying the fact that when a SAYMYNAME track drops, the crowd at any show, loses their minds.

A detail often overlooked when discussing musicians and their legacies is the branches of artists that grow off of the tree they plant. In the case of SAYMYNAME, real name Dayvid, the branches are far, wide and plentiful. In just a over a year of ‘really’ getting his name out there I can not only count dozens of producers following in the sound’s footsteps but dozens of ‘successful’ producers, people taking the sound and really innovating it and paying homage to what Dayvid created.


Dayvid is not just a talented producer/DJ by any means, he could write a book on how to make a fan for life. I’m honored to call Dayvid not only an artist that I’m a huge fan of but an amazing friend.

When I first met Dayvid, I had been a fan for about half a year, a close friend played his remix to Trap Arms in the car on a ride somewhere and I was instantly hooked on the sound. I’m the type of person that hears a track I like and immediately researches the artist and looks for their entire discography so of course I spent time looking up his. I was hooked, hard trap quickly became one of my favorite genres and trust me when I say I truly do not care how anyone feels about that statement. Hard trap is the type of genre that you hear live and don’t even know what to do with yourself, it’s like it awakens the senses in your body.

Shortly after discovering him, the EDC Lineup dropped, I wasn’t going to go until I saw his name. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been that excited for something, the combination of EDC and getting to see my favorite artist at the time was magical to say the least. I was a nobody in the industry at this time, I didn’t work at Stereo Live, there was no TRILLVO… but I took a long shot and DM’d Dayvid on twitter, “Hey man, I’m coming to see your set, I’m a huge fan. Come chill with me and the squad when you’re done playing.” Of course I didn’t expect to get anything back, or if I did, I expected something like, “Thanks!” LOL. What I got instead was a for sure lets definitely do that, what’s your number and lineup schedule so we can meet up!

Dayvid KILLED that set at EDC, there was something about the energy in the crowd. For one, the stage he played was literally moving.. and not slow my guy… it was moving with some speed, but also you could tell that everyone at that stage had been waiting for this show specifically maybe more than any other one that weekend. We searched for this damn art car stage for 30 minutes and almost gave up until we turned a corner and coming right by us was a moving moshpit… no joke.. a moshpit moving through EDC. We knew we found the art car. After his set I hit him up to link up and anyone who has been to EDC knows what a mission it is to try and find someone there, Dayvid never gave up. The hunt to find each other lasted for 2 hours… I don’t know anyone, especially an artist, that would keep up the hunt to find someone after 2 hours but we finally found each other. Dayvid hung out with my crew & I for a few sets, traveling with us around EDC, my squad never forgot that and neither did I.

Saymyname & I @ EDC 2016

Fast forward to me working at the esteemed Stereo Live Houston, I was on a mission; get SAYMYNAME to Stereo. At this time I was only working bottle service and selling tickets.. I was nobody but I talked to everyone there about him and how we needed him there, I’m not sure if my message got through or if the office just got wind of his hype but we got him! My squad was pumped, everyone made matching custom SAYMYNAME shirts and raged the night away to one of the craziest sets I’ve seen at Stereo. Afterwards Dayvid came and hung out with the crew and I at our friends’ house and made sure he talked to every person there. He showed love to all of us strangers as if we had all been friends for years.

SAYMYNAME & The Squad @ Stereo Live Houston [Photo By Techno Terry]

Lets move forward again to right now, I never wanted to ask him for anything for fear of our friendship being taken for granted and lets be honest his career has sky rocketed since the time we met but I threw it out there to him to see if he’d want to do this interview and without hesitation he did. I mention all of this because Dayvid never had to do any of the things he’s done for me.. he never had to hunt me down at EDC to just chill with some fans or come out to our house full of people he’s never met. He never had to do this interview. He doesn’t have to have fan meet & greets at soundchecks before EVERY show but he does. Dayvid receives a lot of criticism from people but clearly whatever Dayvid is doing has taken him to the top and what successful person doesn’t have a million haters… whatever he’s doing has earned him a loyal fan base of #SAYMYNAMESoldiers, the support of some of the biggest names in the game & has had me dancing since the first time I heard one of his tracks.

For any person that has spent a good amount of time with him they know his heart is huge and his love for what he does and the fans is incredible. I’ve never been in a position to do anything for him in return or give back to him all the love he’s given to my friends and I but now I am, & I want each and every one of you to know this artist a little more the way I do.

TRILL: What’s good D?! So good to have you join the TRILLVO family. Myself, along with plenty of fans want to know how long you’ve been making music and what got you started in music?
SMN: I’ve been producing music for 11 years. I started making hip hop and pop beats on garage band freshman year of High school (2006). My dad taught me how to dj in 2003(5th grade), that’s when I fell in love with the art. I played my first house party for a friend after high school and would dj Fraternity and sorority events throughout college to get my name around.

TRILL: 11 years? Yo, I had no idea, in just the last year your career has taken off, from playing the art car at EDC to playing huge festivals all over the world! What’s been your favorite show that you’ve ever played and why?
My solo headline show at the Yost theater has been my favorite show so far. I sold out the venue which was a big goal of mine. Slander came out for a surprise back to back with me. The energy in the room was insane. I got nothing but love for So Cal.

TRILL: Sooo the name… Destiny’s Child reference or… lol
When I was thinking of a name, I thought, “What’s my name?” & honestly I thought that would be cool.. then “SAY MY NAME” popped up in my head and I knew that was it no questions asked.

TRILL: I mean, everyone is talking about you so it fits absolutely perfect. Tell us a bit about hard trap and how the genre evolved?
SMN: HARDTRAP is a genre I founded in 2012, mixing the raw sounds and synths of hardstyle with 808’s and hip hop beats. The first track I released on soundcloud was a hardtrap bootleg of Showtek’s “FTS”(2012). With the support of Tiesto, Carnage, Dj Snake, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, David Guetta, Skrillex and many more, HARDTRAP has spread all over the world.

There are a lot of new HARDTRAP producers pushing the sound to new limits. HARDTRAP has made it to massive labels like Spinnin, Interscope, and Armada.

TRILL: What an amazing feeling that has to be. You’ve proven you can produce other genres but do you see yourself always predominately releasing hard trap?
Yeah, I’m blending HARDTRAP into different genres like house for example. Wanted was a cool project to work on with Mercer because our styles mixed so well. The sky is the limit for my productions and I’m constantly pushing myself to innovate and bring something fresh. HARDTRAP for life.

TRILL: That’s exactly what everyone on my team wanted to hear. You have a dedicated fan base of #SayMyNameSoldiers, we see you really make the extra effort to connect with fans, how did it feel to have people get your logo tattooed on them?
It was incredible to see that fan love. That meant so much to me because my fans inspire me. I Love my #SAYMYNAMESoldiers

TRILL: You’ve worked with some amazing artist’s, who’s been someone you’ve worked with that’s had a huge influence on you not just as far as music goes but in your career in general?
My big bro Dj Snake is a huge influence on me. He’s shown mad love for my music in his sets and always gives encouraging words. He’s not only influenced me but a lot of younger artist.

TRILL: I’ve actually heard that from more artists than just you. He makes an effort to grow young artists that actually create their own music. Now that you’re pretty big yourself, who do you think is the best up and coming producer that’s predominately producing hard trap or close sub genre and do you see yourself working with any hard trap producers in the future?
DrewFilament has been crushing it! He’s always sending me new music to play. I’ve had his tracks in rotation in my sets. Yes, I do plan on working with other HARDTRAP producers in the future.

TRILL: Oh, we LOVE Drew, he’s part of the TRILLVO Family as well <3. Dayvid, You’ve received tons of love but you’ve also received tons of criticism from producers… how do you deal with this and what do you have to say about it or back to the criticizers?
I don’t pay attention to the criticism unless it’s constructive. You’re wasting your time criticizing on social media when you can be in the studio writing new music and working on your craft. There’s always going to be someone else working harder for that same spot, or that same gig you want. So use your time wisely.

TRILL: 100! Why waste time talking about others when you can spend the short amount of time we get on earth bettering yourself. What inspires you, not just to create music but in general, what motivates you in your life?
My family motivates me. They’ve always shown support with sports, school, and music.

TRILL: What are your 3 favorite tracks being played out at shows and festivals right now not produced by you?
Excision & Space Laces – Throwin Elbows

Kayzo- Whistle Wars
Kendrick Lamar- maad city

TRILL: What’s coming up next for SAYMYNAME that you can actually tell us about?
I’m stoked for my collab with Slander coming up, it’s massive!
I have a tour coming in fall with a lot of dates.
My next EP is coming this year so look out for that.

TRILL: A few of us heard the Slander collab at middlelands and JEES o_O it’s more than massive! We’re all hoping that tour includes Houston & we can’t WAIT to hear the EP! So many up and coming producers want advice, what’s the most important thing you think they should know?
Don’t stop working and CREATE YOUR OWN LANE! Keep pushing out music.

We have nothing but love at TRILLVO For The Godfather & we hope you all continue to support him as well. You can do so, by liking his facebook, buying his music on iTunes or streaming and sharing from any other music platform.

SAYMYNAME Official Website

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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