“Music is a passion for me, exploring new avenues and ways of doing things, always learning but having fun while doing it. Always striving to better myself and my music. KAA came about after me watching the new Jungle Book movie that came out last year. I loved the snakes character and how smooth yet deadly and intimidating she was. So I told myself I should make a song that captures that whole persona, so I set about doing that. Giving the opening of the song a smooth and trusting sound as did KAA in the movie. Then came the transition in to the deadly part. From that point onward the song fed off of that, with the powerful horns backing the lead plucks. I also wanted whoever was listening to the song to not only envision the snake but the atmosphere and environment of the jungle as a whole, this was done by various ethnic vocal shots, pan flutes, chimes and birds.

Creating KAA was challenging and fun, truly a learning experience so I hope you enjoy.”


SC : @hokvge
FB : www.facebook.com/hokvgesound
IG : hokvge

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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