I have been following DJ CARNAGE since I got into EDM.  Following him on all his social media accounts from Instagram to Snapchat, the relationship between Papi Gordo and G-EAZY is pure and genuine.  There has always been hints that Carnage and G were working on something big between each whether it be an EP or just a track.  We got a taste of how G-EAZY’s flow would be on a Carnage track with an “I Like Tuh” remix with Lil Wayne and that gave me very high hopes for this brand new EP!

“GUALA” the first track dropped right before the whole EP.  One may argue the face of the whole EP.  This is the only track the specifically mentions the producer, Breaux.  Carnage one time in a tweet bestowed the name for Breaux as a festival trap jedi.  This is not a festival track, but a hip hop hit you gotta bounce and bob to the snares and bass.  The piano serenades you as well, giving you the feeling you may be in a speakeasy back in the day.  “GUALA” also premieres THIRTY RACK, Carnage’s alternate rap persona.  He raps the hook with not the greatest lyrics in the world, but they are catchy.  G-EAZY however, raps his classic flow that he is known for.  He is no mumble rapper.  This is a type of track you roll the windows down, shades on, and just bob your head to.


“Gimme Gimme gimme money, spendin spendin spendin money”.  Another catchy hook with that specific sound and flow by G-EAZY.  This is one of the shorter tracks on the EP, but the beat bangs…HARD!  It has a very erie, almost haunting type of feel.  

“Down For Me”, is my favorite track on the whole EP no question.  The hook throughout the track is sung by 24hrs.  Previous to hearing this track, I had never heard of him before, but I was pleasantly surprised.  His use of autotune for the hook works in ways that just flows well and bridge the verses fluidly.  G-EAZY throws down some relating lyrics about a girl he once was with and life after the relationship ended.  This track shows you a different side of G-EAZY; he may seem like a hard rapper, but he still has that soft spot for the special one who was down with him. This track should be in your rotation this Summer because people will be asking you, “what’s the name of this song?”.

With “Buddha” the lyrics are so incredibly proportionate to the beat.  The hook is once again given a dark trap vibe curated by CARNAGE.  G-EAZY’s verses gives you insight into his hustle and how he is dealing with the game.  This track also features Smokepurpp and his more mumble style of rap, most of his lyrics are quick and to the point.


Overall, CARNAGE & G-EAZY dropped an EP that is worth your time and ears, trust me.  They were truly cooking in the studio and both dropped their well known seasonings into the pot.


Posted by:Zak Aslane

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