Neighbor, when’s the last time you’ve had a big, thick, steaming bowl of Eric Prydz…well that’s too long!  From the moment the show was announced, there was nothing but anticipation for what people call “The Prydz Experience.”  One of the few cultivators of sound that can still boggle the mind, keep you dancing all night, and take you on a journey as he does it.  So you could say that I had high expectations for the evening, and Mr. Prydz did not disappoint to say the least.


With Houston’s very own Said Jalajal (SJPJ) opening up the night and warming up the dance floor, the evening started off splendidly with a nice, slow build.  As SJPJ progressed, so did the crowd, as they gradually migrated to the dance floor after having a few pre-boogie cocktails.  You could sense the anticipation for Prydz’s turn on the decks as there was a buzz in air from those in attendance.

Finally, a little after 11 o’clock Eric assumed his position for the rest of the night, and everyone seemed to be ready for the journey to begin.  Those in the know may remember Eric Prydz’s crossover radio hit “Call On Me” from 2004.  There would be none of that this evening.  Instead, Mr. Prydz cultivated a juicy three hour plus set that ranged from his signature progressive house awesomeness to tech-house, techno, and house music of course.  You know a deejay is doing his job right when you try to use Shazam to find out a track name, and Shazam shrugs back and says “I dunno!”  Prydz did an excellent job of moving in and out of various genres through his set while dropping in a few cuts from his latest album Opus.  As always he did so with smooth, fluent, and flawless transitions which kept the crowd in a frenzy.


When it was all said and done, the die-hards wanted more of course, but it was a Thursday night and Mr. Prydz was considerate enough to remember people had to work the next day.  All in all it was an expectedly great night, filled with warm, fluffy vibes, great music, and awesome people.  If I could make one recommendation to NightCulture, it would be to buy Eric a timeshare here in Houston, and make this a more often occurring phenomenon.

Posted by:Jason Merchant

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