The hard dance community is once again blessed with another banger brought to us by none other than 4B, the jersey bounce aficionado, and the pioneer of Hard House, Junkie Kid.  These two amazing artists are already insane alone but together, they bring something to Revealed Records that most fans will adore. You may have heard this track a few times at Ultra Music Festival in Miami; specifically during Hardwell’s main stage set.

“Love Is Dead” is filled with all kinds of goodies for people of hard house, trap, and jersey bounce.  The track’s verses are smooth and soft sounding vocals, which provide a nice contrast to the heavy hitting drops that follow. The vocals draw you in and give you a sort of emotional connection to the track.

How are the drops?  These drops slam like nothing I could have imagined.  The first drop is the classic hard house style we’ve grown accustomed to with Junkie, making your heart pound, and ringing your ear drums with that notorious kick that makes hard house stand out.  The second drop however, is worth the wait listening to this track.  4B & Junkie Kid give your body and mind a break before the massive slap.  The drop picks up the pace with a higher BPM initially with a jersey bounce twist mixed with a tribal drum sound and then out of no where, that trap switch up flips!  Afterwards flowing smoothing back into the classic hard house style.

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“Love Is Dead” is a great mixed cocktail of hard house, trap, and jersey bounce.  I have been a fan of both 4B and Junkie for awhile now and to see what they can create together, blows my mind.  The track will be in my rotation for many months to come and only makes the anticipation for what else they have in store for the future more intense.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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