Julius C First caught my attention while mindlessly surfing soundcloud and stumbling upon his track Amalgam…

One listen was all it took to have me scrolling through his soundcloud and discovering it wasn’t a one track fluke; this man has talent. A couple shares on twitter and I realized he is supported by producers I know and who’s musical opinions I trust greatly. Before his career takes off, which it undoubtedly will, we wanted to be the first to give you an exclusive chance to get to know an artist you will definitely be hearing alot about this year.

“With only a year under his belt and an assortment of releases on labels such as Panda Funk, Fool’s Gold, brednbutter and Uprise Music, Julius C. is quickly rising to the forefront of Trap & Bass music. Julius C. has garnered support and recognition from the industry’s most sought after artists including Diplo, Flosstradamus, 12th Planet, Rickyxsan, Graves & Boombox Cartel. Currently a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Julius C. is definitely one to watch in 2017.” -iamjuliusc.com


TRILLVO: Thanks for chatting with us Julius, you have a style that stands out in a widely oversaturated market, can you describe it for listeners who might be hearing your music for the first time? 
JC: I aim to think outside of the box. When I’m creating music I try to make something I’ve never heard before or something that isn’t out yet. I think that’s why people are attracted to my sound.

TRILLVO: You’ve definitely accomplished the goal of creating new sounds, so what got you into making music?
I really love music of all types. I think I’m versatile because I like to explore a little bit of everything. Making music is my passion and I love to innovate sounds.  So basically I create whatever I feel without ever having expectations.  I think that’s the organic touch you can hear.

TRILLVO: You’ve been in the game for a year and in that short amount of time you’ve gained recognition from a lot of major players in the industry, can you tell us a little about the journey?
JC: Honestly it’s been super crazy reaching out to everyone I love and respect and getting good feedback. I always tell my girlfriend, “Yo this person just hit me back” and she says, “Damn that’s crazy, just keep making music. Don’t stop.” Keeping positive vibes has always been the most important part of my music.  I think once I really got happy with the level of my musicianship, I gained confidence. In turn, I was able to send out my music fearlessly.

TRILLVO: Sending out your music fearlessly has brought you a lot of success, what has been the most rewarding musical experience so far?
JC: Gaining fans has been the most rewarding feeling. To know that there are people out there humming my melodies and singing my drops is seriously so fire…and possibly blowing out their car speakers in the process haha. Hearing my music being played out by producers/djs that inspire me is also a rewarding part of this journey.

TRILLVO: Speaking of inspiration, we at Trillvo are always fascinated by how an artist creates their art, can you tell us what inspires you and a little about the writing and creative process for you?
JC: It comes in waves. It’s not always the same thing that inspires me. For example the inspiration behind Amalgam came from my love for Metallica. I’ve always been into old metal and rock music. In some of my songs you hear these weird drum fills or like wacky drum patterns. I grew up in drumline and that is where my drum sounds come from. Ultimately, I aim to make music that 100% represents who I am.

TRILLVO: We definitely appreciate that! Can you tell us what’s next for Julius C?
JC: Going on the road and showing the entire world my sound. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to perform in my whole life. I get so hype making edits for my sets and really picturing myself in all settings.  Julius C. is expanding everyday and I’m always giving out free music. Be on the lookout for my next release and much love to all my supporters. ❤

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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