2 Months ago, The Lit Lords dropped a massive EP on us via Harsh Records in the form of Hard City. If you’re a fan of hard music and haven’t heard this EP, I strongly suggest you change that. One of the standout tracks on this EP is “Crash and Burn”, a track that submerges you in feels about an unhealthy love and then shakes you right the fuck out of your feels with an insane hybrid style of hard trap and hardstyle.

Today the lords of the lit have blessed us with an official remix compilation of that standout song via Harsh records again, shout out to Junkie Kid. I’m a huge fan of the underground producers selected for this compilation and there’s some remixes in this bunch that blow me away.

Let’s start with the only producer featured in the Hard City Ep besides the Lit Lords themselves, Milano The Don. Milano Highlights the vocals in the intro, brings in some drums and then hits us with an unexpected Jersey style twist to the track! Jersey club is really taking off right now for good reason, that shit bangs. Milano’s trap flip is sick, instant bass face, that’s the type of genre hopping in a track I love to see. I honestly cant put my finger on one part of this track that’s better than the other… from start to finish its impressive. The second drop lets the vocals ride to some filthy hybrid trap & drum breaks. Milano killed it 10/10.

DrewFilament is a pioneer of sound and a fan favorite at Trillvo, he brings his own unique sound to this song with raw sounding hardstyle, I’m honestly surprised we didn’t get some of his trademark gun collection sounds to go with it. This shit would kill it live, especially when the trap flip at the end hits.

Clothes off’s remix is smooth and unique. An interesting take on the track that plays off the melodic vocals in such a tranquil way. It’s nice to see someone put a completely new spin on a song, that’s what art and creation is all about. This remix is perfect for an L ride.

LUNATIX’s remix is a big stand out for me on this compilation, I’m always thoroughly impressed with what these guys bring to the table. Just as other producers have, LUNATIX highlights the vocals from the original track in the intro. The drops are heavy, its an experimental style that’s just absolutely massive and unexpected! You hear sounds like this live and you don’t even know what to do with yourself. The breaks are impressive as well, the way they play off the vocals, it really makes you feel the lyrics more, in all honesty.

Gommi’s remix is nuts in the best way, a hard psy sound that Gommi’s innovating. This remix is the winner of the remix competition and for good reason. Gommi’s sound is incredibly unique and a welcome treat to this compilation, it’s going to bring a lot of recognition to his movement and we can’t wait to see what he drops next.

WERCRZY’s remix is fresh and upbeat. it’s a unique bubbly take on the original, with a future bass style spin. definitely the happiest track on the compilation.

Lutez remix is sick, it’s a cool mash of hardstyle, hard trap & even some psy sounds. The track is hard as fuck, with smooth builds and intense drops, these guys used some wild vocal chops and drums with a hard screech blended together so nicely in the second drop!

Make sure you check out the EP released on Harsh Records! or Listen to each track individually below. Follow the artists on their music sharing platforms and socials!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/litlords
Soundcloud: @thelitlords
Twitter: www.twitter.com/litlords
Youtube: www.youtube.com/dooqu
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dooqumusic

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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