BANVOX. Remember that name because overseas this Japanese artist is making waves! Sadly, his music hasn’t been carried over here to the states as much just yet, but with a few EPs and now two albums currently under his belt, Banvox is surely going to start blowing up within the next few years if he keeps going at the pace he is.

Banvox Take No Defeat

Take No Defeat is definitely showcases this guy’s creative talent. This album doesn’t just fall into the category of just hard trap, dubstep, or heavy bass, it actually redefines certain genres and takes them to a whole new level. The opening track, “Take No Defeat” certainly proves this as vocals from Santell suggest a fighting spirit to this song by also making use of a nice future b/pop beat.

“Save Me” continues that future bass trend with a more mellow tone that also infuses chill trap-like beats. Banvox isn’t shy when it comes to collaborating either, as he and Aire team up for a track that really comes out swinging in the form of “Fly Beyond.” This track is a good example of what the U.S. music scene needs more of: Bubblegum bass, future bass, and future trap all wrapped in one good song filled with a banging drop that really bends genres in just the right way.

“Future” is the one track I’m not too crazy for vocal wise, but the drop definitely makes up for it. “Argonautica” is one for the trap fans, as it opens with soothing vocals and leads into a deep beat worthy of some rap bars. “Sharpness” is easily one of my standout favorites. “Razor sharp like knife” (as the vocals suggest) is exactly what this track is. It’ll cut you in just the right way with it’s future-step (yes I’m calling it future step) infused drop. This is NOT just another dubstep-like track. It’s something much more as even the second drop delivers more strongly than the first while still combining future-step and elements of Jersey club together in the best way.

If “Sharpness” is the love child of a future type of Dubstep and Jersey club combined, then consider “Concept” its brother track in a way. This song combines future bass and trap while using a flanger effect, some cocked gun samples, and vocals to really deliver a unique blend in just another style only Banvox can deliver.

“Puttin In Work” earns its name for its sheer complexity by once again fusing future bass, trap, and the screechiest of Dubstep. “You Love” closes out the album on a more softer note, with more experimental-like trap vibes.

If you’ve followed Banvox even over the past 3 years, this album is a testament to how much he’s evolving as an artist even more so with every new release. Proving that he’s not only been “Puttin in Work”, but will Take No Defeat with how far he is sure to go. And for that, I truly applaud him and urge any who are open to newer genres (or even genres that exist already but with a new twist) to give this album a listen.

You can listen to the album here.

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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