DrewFilament is what you would call a well established rising star. He’s made a big name for himself in the underground scene but has also made a huge splash in the well known areas of the edm world. Coming from LA, a HUB of music crawling with artists, Drew has had track after track release played out by some of the biggest names in the game including the gordo-iest of papi’s, Carnage. Drew has even coined his own genre, (something most artists would kill to say they’ve done) called rawtrap. His fan base is extensive, stretching across the world it seems. We’re pleased to bring you this interview and hopefully spread his name even further!


1. thanks for chatting with us Drew! You did something a lot of artists can’t say they’ve done and pioneered your own genre coined raw trap, tell us about this sound.
Hey guys its my pleasure to be interviewed by you guys. The whole “RawTrap” thing came literally out of no were because when I started working on the “Breathe” Remix I never thought it would be called a new sub genre. Once I released the remix I saw it started picking up traction mainly because of the Carnage support it got, then people started to comment “New Genre” or like “RawTrap” I never saw it as a big thing but my fan base just turned it into something, so I kind of just went with it. Now you might ask, “wtf is RawTrap” well its pretty simple, its raw sounds incorporated into trap music.  What makes this unique is the driving sidechained kick behind the 808, which gives the track more of a bouncy feel.

2. Have you always had a thing for the harder styles of music?
Yes, I have always been a fan of harder music. I used to be into a lot of rock music when I was in high school up until one of my good friends introduced me to Showtek, I think I speak for many other producers & edm fans, FTS by Showtek is what got me into edm music in general.
3. To expand on that answer, when did you decide music was what you wanted to pursue as a career?
Well after I was messing around with music for a year and getting some support from Carnage on my festival trap remixes I saw that maybe I could actually turn this into something you know? Not just casually put out tracks here and there.
4. We’re glad that you decided to continue! We love hearing from artists what inspires them when it comes to creation, so what inspires you?
I really cant put my finger on what gets me going to make music and what not because I have never really put thought into that. All I can say is listening to a lot of underground hard shit sometimes gives me ideas, but it mainly happens as I go, if that makes sense. I just wing it most of the time and see what happens.
5. Of all the tracks you’ve made, what’s your favorite?
Fuck…. well it would have to be between “OMEN” & “Carousel”
6. you’re from Cali, what’s it like in the music scene out there?
Well its most def filled with really talented bass music oriented artists, is it over saturated? yes. other than that no comment.
7. No comment usually means you have plenty of comments you just don’t want to share them, lol. There’s amazing venues all over the world, what’s your dream venue to play?
8. you’ve received love from so many big artists, if you could collab with any artist, dead or alive, who would It be?

If i could collab with anyone it would probably be Kayzo.

9. you’re part of an artist collective called Go Hard or Go Home, can you tell us a little about that?
Go Hard Or Go Home is an artist collective page we made to basically gather all the hardest underground artists like Lunatix and myself and basically help each other reach the top. As of lately we have been really inactive on the page when it comes to releases but we are working on completely re-branding it. We are basically trying to make a second home for hard music.
10. It seems like the other hard music labels really fuck with you all as well. So what’s next for you Drew? 
I really don’t know what’s next for me, there has been so much growth in my career in the past year I really cant say what’s happening next, possibly even an EP with one of my favorite artists to collaborate with. Ill Leave it at that.
Thank you guys for thinking in me to interview much love to the Trillvo movement you got going on in Texas!
Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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