The Godfather of hard trap SAYMYNAME and a TRILLVO favorite, Crichy Crich on the vocals, bring something to Spinnin Records that will have fans bouncing all over the dancefloor.

The track starts with a hip-hop vibe & Crichy spitting “I’m draped from head to toe in the finest gold, I cant fuck with yall cause you bitchs broke!”  some G shit that’ll put you in the mobbing vibe, laced with those classic trap snares & 808s we all know and love!  Now, SAYMYNAME is notorious for bringing hard trap to our ear drums and this is not his first time mixing hard trap with a rap artist; i.e. “Get On My Level” with Kevin Flum.  However, he changes the classic hard trap style he’s known for and gives us something a little different this time.  He still uses those original hard trap sounding synths but adds a bit of bounce to it.  If you listen to his track with Mercer called “Wanted”,  it sounds as if he had similar creative thoughts when making “SWERVE”.

Simply, “SWERVE” is SAYMYNAME proving himself to be innovative with rap artists like Crichy Crich while intertwining hard trap as well.  The Godfather of hard trap is here to stay!

Oh PS, the video is hype as fuck.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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