It’s a long drive to Dallas from Houston but my photographer and I make it in early. Tonight we have an interview scheduled with two outstanding producers by the name of YOOKiE. I’ve wanted to see these 2 live for about a year now and who would’ve thought the first time seeing them would come with an interview?

We arrive at the venue around 9:30 so I can let my videographer scope the layout and pick which angles she’d shoot from. by 10:30 Avae shows up and laces me up on how much I’m going to love his set, a confidence he has every right to display. Avae is a Dallas local but he’s making a big name for himself in the industry through some formidable tracks he’s produced and strong sets. At around 11:30 pm, Avae takes the stage. We only got to catch the first half of it but that first half was a monster of a trap set.

Victoria (Trillvo’s photographer) & I enter the green room and meet YOOKiE, Chris & Anthony Alfaro. They’re all smiles, giving off a loveable warm and friendly vibe. Dressed in all black from head to toe, Chris offers us some drinks and we chat for a bit about the drive and random small talk but we all quickly warm up to each other. These guys are nothing short of awesome human beings. Anthony wants a few drinks before the interview and to be quite honest, I need them, going over interview questions in the car on the way up I couldn’t get through one question without flubbing it. After awhile we move to the famous Lizard lounge Green Room lockers and pull off a flawless interview, it’s on the TRILLVO youtube account or search “yookie” on our home page to watch.

We ran 15 minutes late so the guys are rushed out of the greenroom on to the stage to a packed house and crazy applause; it’s clear that everyone in that room had been waiting for this for awhile too. They open with Aazar-Lay it down, crazy hype, the crowd is already losing it. I heard a remix to Core and one of my favorite new tracks, Majin Buu by Hekler (Go check that out ASAP if you haven’t)

LMAO, yo, somebody was so hype they threw a shoe that almost hit YOOKiE but they deflected with Ninja like reflexes. when they Dropped After All, one of their most famous tracks with Slander, Everyone went wild.. There was 2 rows deep of people headbanging in unison. One of my favorite transitions was Turn down for what into Eptic & Breaux – The End and there was absolutely no shortage of turnup whenever they dropped any of their remixes and originals. I finally had to Live stream for a bit to let the rest of the world hear the amazingness I was hearing and my videographer face timed a close friend.

After a brand new listen to a new Snails & Botnek track, a couple YOOKiE ID’s that had me all fucked up and some Texas Classics like Riding Dirty by Chamillionaire they ended it, but not before the classic “One More Song” chant that any artist who put on a good show receives. I knew which track I hadn’t heard yet so I knew what to expect >:] The Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites Remix. They dropped that but they also played something else.. unfortunately IDK what it is, my notes just say “Holy fuck WTF is this drop…”

Let me just close with these words… If you don’t go see YOOKiE when they’re in your town… you’refucking up big time, that was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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