Connor Campbell is an incredible producer who has been in the game for awhile, his latest album, Mecca, is such a beautiful work of art. The album forced me to go out and make sure I got this interview with him; I feel like people NEED to hear his music. The way he articulates in this interview is a reflection of the detail he puts into his craft. I hope his words draw you to his music the way his music drew me to want to pick his brain. Enjoy learning more about Seattle resident LEViT∆TE.

How long have you been producing and what influenced you to go for a career in music?

This will be my 8th year working on music. When I saw that Pretty Lights Bonnaroo video for his song, “I Know The Truth” I was confident that’s what I wanted to do. That was actually a big inspiration at the time, looking back.
I don’t like to confine producers into a box by asking them to pinpoint their genre or style but if you could describe your music, as a whole, to somebody who has never heard any of it, how would you and what sets you apart?
I get asked this a lot, but it’s a tough one. My best description would be aggressive, maximal, electronic hip-hop. I think what sets me apart is the aesthetic. I try to shoot for a raw sound; when I write music I really make a point to not necessarily pander to anyone, and just come out as honest and raw as possible in my sound selection and choice of melodies.
What do you think has been influencing your creativity the most?
To be 100% about this, most of the time, it’s just proving to myself that I don’t suck at this haha. So to sound more positive, just pushing myself as much as I can in every direction. Lately though a lot of my influences have been the half-time DnB guys.
You’re from Seattle, can you tell us what it’s like being in the industry there and how has the city influenced your music?
It’s fun, nowadays though I keep an arms distance from the industry out here. That’s not to say I’m not involved, or I don’t go out frequently (I do). I’m just a very happy person working in my own bubble, on my own hustle. And Seattle has taught me to appreciate A LOT of music I wouldn’t have otherwise, particularly club music and techno.
You’ve worked with some amazing names, what was it like working with Bassnectar, Havok Roth & Holly? 
Bassnectar is always inspiring, because he has his vision and brand down like no one else I have ever met. He knows exactly what he wants and why, which I think is such an important quality to have as an artist.
Havok Roth is a pro. Like he is so proper with everything, production wise. I had sent him our tune first and by the time he finished it, he took it to such a refined and pro-sounding point. The guy knows how to make a fucking banger, and he does it well. He’s also a rad dude in general.
And Holly is just a monster. His mentality is as fast paced as he releases music. Like when he hit me up to work together, he ended up sending me almost an albums worth of WIP’s.
Mecca was such an amazing album, a true joy to listen to. Can you tell us about the process, thoughts and vision behind Mecca?
Thank you so much, that’s sweet of you to say. It was long, like way longer than it should have taken.
I had written the album in succession, like literally as you hear it, is as I wrote it (with the exception of some super last minute contributions) because I had written the story line of the concept before I started production, so I was essentially scoring a movie that didn’t exist.
I think the first project file for “Check It” is from July 2014 or something. So all together the project took about 2+ years to finally get out. Which is too long. The reason being, there were a lot of limitations on money I could actually put into the project, and for me, it was important that I saw as much of it come together as I had imagined, and how I imagined. Regardless, songwriting-wise the project as a whole is my most sentimental project and really means the most to me.
(Listen to Mecca here:
A little birdy told me you have a tour centered around an EP release coming up? Is there anything you can tell us about that or do we have to wait to find out?
We’re too early in the process to really flex. But I will say, it will be big, and there will be visual content to go along, and this one particular project has a vocalist on every song.
After that, I have 2 more EP’s I’m working on for a bit more down the road; one of them being for a very prestigious label, and the other a collaboration with a collective of hip-hop producers from ATL I’ve respected for a long long time.
Also just dropped a new single via Block Society, Anodyne.
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