Harsh records and Calixto have bestowed an EP of epic proportions on us! “M3RCY” is filled to the brim with some of the hardest tracks I’ve heard in awhile. This is the EP that will put Calixto on alot of people’s radars that haven’t heard the name before.


M3rcy – the face of the EP features vocals by 3ddie; You may recognize this name because of the infamous track by Junkie Kid, Calixto, and Absent, “I Know You’re Here”. The drops are nothing for the lighthearted; they’re insanity. The drops give me visuals of sentinel robots going to war in the most violent of ways. It’s hardstyle combined with a hybrid style of trap and it’s exceptional.

Kerchak – The next track is a collab with another familiar name in the hard dance community, GMAXX. This track screams that jungle terror vibe that seems to have disappeared a tad in the community, but Calixto and GMAXX prove it still slaps. The first drop is a classic jungle terror drop, but the second drop body slams! The first drop puts you in the jungle but the second drop has you swinging vine to vine.


El Azteca – Listening to the entire EP and being a sucker for the harshest sounds possible, this is my favorite track of the entire EP. “El Azteca” is a track that is built for speed and does not slow down in the slightest. The voice that serenades you prior to the drop gives a feeling of motivation that you are about to head into battle. For the first drop, you better be in an open space because you’ll be going the hardest you ever have in your life. It is filled with the sounds of hard house screeches and the kick of hardstyle. The second drop is a nice contrast to the first in that it starts with a jungle terror style with the kick, but then brings it all back to the near rawstyle kicks.

MindFck – Once again, another familiar name in the hard dance community, SVNTOZ, collabs with Calixto to make a track that will for sure blow your speakers out. The first drops hints at SVNTOZ known style of a more slowed down hard house, but still hits you with those robotic screeches. The break in between the drops brings that great feeling of house, but then speeds right up to next drop. This second drop is a mixture of so many sub genres, but they all work and flow so well. Imagine jersey bounce and house had an affair with hardstyle, that is how I would put this second drop.


Banshee – This track kind of threw me off at first. Calixto is not notoriously known for making house tracks. However, to see him spread his wings is enjoyable and refreshing. “Banshee” is by no means a hard track, but puts your mind and soul at ease with a little bit of calixto’s own spin on house. A great way to cool down from all the intense fire that is this EP.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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