Adiidas is someone who’s name has been popping up alot lately for a dope, very unique style of bass music. The creativity associated with his sound is what sets him apart along with some killer branding.

This latest release is 808 heaven wrapped tightly in trippy packaging. It’s experimental bass, like previous tracks, combined with a G style chill trap melody. Just like the name suggests, Cali is the vibe behind this track and we definitely feel it.

So far we’ve loved everything he’s put out and can’t wait to hear whats next. CA is going to be in rotation for awhile.

“South Lake Tahoe-based producer, Adiidas, is a permanent fixture atop the cresting wave that is forward-thinking bass music. Over the years, his inventive and ever-evolving style has landed his records on many of dance music’s leading imprints including Trapstyle Prime and Whats Goody Records, in turn gaining earnest support from every heavyweight of the genre including Tasty Treat, Bonnie x Clyde, Kid Lizard, and countless others. Adiidas sub-heavy output has continually pushed boundaries in bass music with voracious creativity.


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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