Middlelands. The perfect festival for such an eclectic lineup of talent that Texas (more importantly, Houston) has seen in recent years. It’s easy to call Middlelands an “EDM” festival, but honestly it was so much more than that. With such unique artists like Pusher, BlackGummy, Zhu, Alison Wonderland, Pouya and more…there was one person who truly blew me away just as I had expected: Lido.

Born Peder Losnegard, This Norwegian native not only gave the crowd at Middlelands in Todd Mission, Texas a great show, but also an adventure to behold. Lido isn’t your everyday “DJ”, nor is he a simple producer, rapper, singer/songwriter. He is also one helluva performer! His set up boasted an entire instrumentation set that was fit for almost a four-person band! With the mic, piano/keyboards on his right, and a full-fledged drum set up on his left, Lido utilized every piece of equipment to his advantage. This is TRUE artistry, people. Let the videos within this review be all the proof you need. This guy knows his stuff.

Lido 2
The live instrument setup that really brought the show to life

Lido’s entire show revolved around one theme: EVERYTHING. Which was the name of his debut album, but also is in reference to a person who he alludes to being the reason behind the title of his album in the first place. The entire show took you through a journey. With different scenes & visuals that represent the emotions people go through in relationships, breakups, and more.

Lido 4
Visuals accompanying Lido’s music compliment the tone of the song being played

My favorite songs from Lido’s Everything album have always been “Crazy” and “Citi Bike”. And each rendition of it by seeing both songs come to life live was one memorable experience. The entire crowd was into the music…moving as one. Those at the very front of the crowd (myself being front & center) KNEW who we were there to see. But as familiar as we may have been with his songs, even the most diehard of fans didn’t know what to expect.

Lido & Alison Wonderland
Alison Wonderland chillin’ onstage after surprising the crowd with a guest appearance

Alison Wonderland herself surprised everyone towards the end of the show as she made a welcome guest appearance and performed “Messiah” alongside Lido. But it was at the show’s closing which really made that night (and Middlelands as a whole) all the more memorable. Because Lido himself proclaimed his love for Houston, his thankfulness to Middlelands, and expressed how important that night was for him. Mainly due to the fact that his best friend whom was the sole purpose for him doing anything in the realm of music, was there backstage for the first time at his show.

With all the concern surrounding Middlelands as far as its questionable return next year, one thing is certain: Nothing can ever replace, diminish, or make any who attended Middlelands forget the memories that were made during those 3 days/nights. And that’s something no one can take away.

For more videos from Lido’s show, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel from the link provided. His Soundcloud is also below as well. So give him a follow!


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