FB_IMG_1495478068418Pulling up to a white building with no windows, there were two guys checking your ID’s and tickets. These are some faces I haven’t seen in years. When Kryptonite was the underground, I use to see all these familiar faces that gathered tonight. The Department of Dance executed a lineup of house vibes, trap, electro and even hardstyle. Watching others pull out their poi, orbits, levitation wands and being able to enjoy their flow to the music, was phenomenal. Throughout the night, the group of dancers filling the room made sure the dance pit was big enough to dance in without people walking through. There were smiles and laughing filling up the room. A warm aura of love I haven’t felt in a while took over this night. There’s times we forget to love our local scene as much as the bigger acts we get in Houston. My personal highlight of the whole night was witnessing a special guest appearance.  Bailo B2B BRKLW with some nasty drops that made the crowd dance out of control.

Posted by:Ana Alvarado

We all have our different things we're passionate about but after finally finding my place, I feel like I'm at home. Every day I work harder to be better.

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