GOMMI is a 22 Year Old artist from Philadelphia, PA who sprawled onto the scene in late 2014. Over the last year or two, GOMMI has been experimenting with the genre of Psytrance but adding his own experimental twist to it, he has effortlessly created his own unique sound and genre which can only be labeled as a unique version of the Hard Psy genre.

This genre of Psy combined with GOMMI’s hard, fast style is something that is going to change the game. GOMMI has been supported by artists like Carnage, Kayzo, Steve Aoki, DrewFilament & Skellism.

GOMMI intends to release his very first, debut EP sometime throughout this year. I urge you to be on the lookout for this one because it’s going to open up a new door of electronic music.

GOMMI is incredible to say the least he’s been on TRILLVO’s radar for a few months and for good reason, but not just ours… ALL of the big guys in the hard industry are fucking with him… we are honored to be able to bring you this piece of his mind… he keeps it 100% real and we couldn’t ask for anything less. We did this interview live to make it more real and more on the spot, enjoy… the stuff he talks about is important.

TRILL: Yo, Whuddup GOMMI, Thanks for taking your time out to do this interview! So where are you from?
What’s up TRILLVO.. alright so I’m originally from Pittsburgh but I moved to Philly about 12 years ago and have been chillin ever since.

TRILL: What’s the music industry like in Philly? You plan on staying there long?
To be honest, the music industry is REALLY tough out here. Especially for the genre that I produce. You know, they’re really tight on music they want for openers and what not so it’s been a rough ride out here so far trying to find shows. But you gotta be ready to be denied in this industry in general. It’s what keeps you wanting more. I’ve heard a lot of “this isn’t a style that suites our main act” but hey, you gotta make them regret it. That’s what I tell myself. 

TRILL: It’s crazy that most artists have trouble in their own cities and do so well in every other city it’s like people have such a hard time supporting locals they all want foreign everything for instance, trillvo family blvksheep… seems like NY doesn’t show him the love he deserves but he sells out venues in every other city that books him. *shrugs* How long have you been producing and mixing because it seems like you just popped up on the scene but you popped up with such a force?
I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. You would think hometowns of artists would be clawing for that specific artist. But honestly I think the northeast is just a tough region for the not just the electronic scene itself but the music industry in general So I actually start mixing and producing back in I would say, 2015? But I wasn’t really serious about. You know.. I didn’t think I could achieve what I went to festivals to see. And up until about last year, like right around this time. I was so influenced by it all that I wanted to take my shot at it and I buckled down and went for it. I pretty much just produced and produced and produced tracks and kept them quiet until I found my own style and that’s when this hard psy style came about. And actually my first track, remix, whatever you want to call it that I incorporated that hard psy style into was the propaganda remix which carnage had me send to him and him and a lot of artists have been supporting it ever since and that was about 4 months ago is when I had my first exposure to the scene. So yeah, a lot has happened in only a span of 4 months since that.

TRILL: How did you develop this version of hard psy sound and do you think its something youll always continue with or will you experiment with other genres as well
Well to start off, I’ve always been into the genre of hardstyle. Like hands down, probably my favorite genre/subgenre of electronic music to date. There’s just SO much energy and emotion, I love it. And honestly I was just messing around with some psy trance one day and boom, it clicked. I wanted to incorporate those two styles together but respective to my own style, like the way I wanted it. Not how other people want it or want to hear it.. how I wanted it and wanted to hear it. And the beauty of it is, with what I make, it can be such a simple idea but it still POPS. It still catches the attention of the crowd. And that’s the impact I want to make. I wanted to make something that people aren’t used to hearing or have never heard before. I want them to question what this genre is. I want them to be blown away by this music. I want them wanting more. I’m definitely going to continue with what I started with for a while but I definitely won’t count experimenting with other genres. It’s tough to stick to just one because there’s SO much you can do with EVERYTHING. I even have IDs in the work that are more dubby, fun and what not so im just going to follow where my ideas take me. I’m excited

TRILL: We’re definitely blown away by everything we’ve heard by you so far i actually helped judged a contest you entered and it was just hands down you so what’s been your favorite moment so far in your career?
Thank you, that does mean a lot. I can’t wait to show more and more of my music that I have in the works. Especially my EP. My favorite moment so far definitely has to be when Carnage brought me out on stage for my Propaganda remix for the ASOC Brooklyn Warehouse show. It was something I’ve never experienced before. Before that, I’ve never been in front of a crowd so the nerves were there but it was amazing. I just let loose all the energy that I had up until that point and it went from there. It was a night I’ll always remember. Carnage and his crew are all absolutely amazing and just downright cool ass people. Got to meet Breaux too which was awesome. Another amazing producer in this industry. But next week, Junkie Kid is bringing me out on stage for his set at EDC Las Vegas to premiere our song together. So going from 10,000 people to 100,000+ is going to be quite the leap but I am stoked to be able to share the stage with Junkie Kid and be a part of an amazing festival.

TRILL: Junkie kid is one of our favorite producers, its so awesome to see these big guys giving you the support you deserve. Alot of up & coming producers want to know how you caught the attention of these bigger guys so quick?
I am so, so, very thankful for the opportunities and the attention these guys have given me. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Going back to, you know, creating my own style and making it something no one has really heard before or isn’t use to hearing, I think that’s what people need to do and need to focus on. Is adapting that kind of sound because that’s why I think I caught the attention of these big names so quickly. You know, they want something new. They want something different. They want something unique. But other than that, you just have to be persistent. Like this all started because I snap chatted carnage a video of my propaganda remix.. it can happen just like that. It has to be the right time, the right place and with the right people. But you have to be committed because when that time comes, it’s going to come fast Be persistent. Be committed and don’t be afraid to reach out to artists but obviously don’t over do it. Because I sent carnage that video for the hell of it. Never expecting him to respond to me. But he did. Take that leap. Because as cliche as it sounds, you won’t know till you try.

TRILL: This advice is honestly invaluable and I really hope up and coming artists take the time to read this interview. Tell us who your top 5 fave producers are right now and who you would love to collab with?
it’s almost impossible to cut it down to a list. But I would say my top 5 would be 1. Kayzo 2. RIOT 3. Joyryde 4. Junkie Kid 5. Carnage. And I would love to collab with Kayzo. He’s certainly been my #1 influence in this whole thing; whether it’s his style of music or the way he creates his ideas and the way he sees things in the industry. I think a track combining his and my style together would be a track to remember. But hey, you can’t rush these things. If I get that opportunity one day, I’ll jump right on it but I gotta take what’s given to me. But right now, like a mentioned earlier, Junkie Kid and I are finishing up a collaboration that we’re premiering at EDC next weekend and actually Carnage and I have been working on this track for the last month or so and some people might have heard it because it’s played a lot in his snaps and he posted it in his insta so I’m excited to see where that goes.

TRILL: yo that’s so dope.. we expect your career to sky rocket pretty soon, like every successful producer we’ve spoken to in the industry, it’s all about creating your own lane Whats been an obstacle you’ve had to face in your career so far and where do you want to be in in a year from now
I appreciate that guys. It’s things like that that keeps me going full force. Exactly and that’s creates a bigger impact you have on the industry. An obstacle I have faced and still and will continue to face is my anxiety. Not to get too, too personal but I’ve had issues with it off and on for several years now and it’s definitely something that gets in the way here and there. You know, I hit that wall and everything just stops. Everything comes to a halt and insecurity with my own music comes into play  and at that point, I just need to take a break from it all; whether it’d be for a couple hours, a couple days or just the week off so I can get my shit together and realize it’s not worth letting that shit get in the way. Everyday I cope with it better but it still remains an issue here and there. A year from now.. damn. I made that same thought this time last year. But a year from now, I’d love to be playing shows all over the country, big venues and small ones and I’d also love to be playing around the world too. My goal internationally is to play Bootshaus because I heard that place is insane. But other than playing shows and festivals and what not, I hope to be collaborating with some more of my favorite artists and just being happy doing what I love for not only myself but for the people that take the time out of their day to support me.

TRILL: You know I never delt with anxiety until this year, that shits wild I never was able to relate to people when they would say, “oh, my anxiety this or that” and now I get it on an entirely new level so I’m glad your able to find ways to cope with it and push past it. dope career goals! hopefully I get you out to stereo sometime soon. maybe a joint show with drew filament. who knows before we get into the final fun questions name a few cool things you have coming up that you can tell our trillvo audience about exclusively?
That would be dope as shit! Playing a show with Drew would be crazy. He’s become a good friend of mine in and outside of the industry so I’d definitely be down for that. I mean other than my appearance at EDC LV and my EP. The only thing else to look forward to is my mix that I’m dropping with you guys. Probably my biggest mix yet. 90+ songs. A lot of unreleased from myself and others so get ready. But if anyone’s at EDC LV, head over to the Wasteland Stage to see Junkie Kid and I premiere our song and keep on the lookout for the EP! It’s finished but still waiting on the artwork to be completed so I’m looking to drop it within the next month or so. Buckle up

TRILL: Alright now lets have some fun & let the audience get to kow you on a more personal level, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pizza for sure!

TRILL: Pineapple?

TRILL: LMAO, If you won 100,000 right now how would you spend it?
buy a pair of cdjs and pay my student loans off hahaha and take a nice vacation somewhere

TRILL: yo fuck student loans lmao, If you died and came back as an animal what would you want to be and why?
A black panther without a doubt, Because they’re bad ass and won’t back down from anyone or anything. + they’re just gorgeous animals as is.

TRILL: Fun fact, a black panther is actually a leapord with melanistic color.. not sure why I know that.. lmao
Hahahahah I didn’t know that

TRILL: If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
Damn… dude you have stumped tf out of me… I guess the question would be, am I happy? Because that’s a huge part of this journey. You have to be happy doing what you love and love doing what makes you happy so that’s definitely something I’d ask my future self.

TRILL: What would you say your greatest talent is besides making music?
I mean I’ve been drumming for the last 13 years but that also resides with music but outside of music itself.. hmm, damn I mean besides that, that’s about it.

TRILL: We will accept drumming as an answer! Thanks for taking your time out to do this interview with us Gommi! it was probably one of my top 3 to be honest! we cant wait to put it out and premiere your mix with us! ❤
Thank you and everyone at Trillvo for giving me this opportunity! This is the year.


Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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