The perfect anthem for summer’17.  Edm Dutch legend, Armin van Buuren ventures past his usual trance roots blessing us with an addictive upbeat track featuring Josh Cumbee’s stellar vocals.  His new single “Sunny Days” flows like a refreshing melody through your body – the kind that makes you close your eyes and swing your head left to right hitting every beat.  This pop-like song combines groovy and sweet guitar play along with a dreamy tune and mesmerizing vocals.

sunny days

“Sunny Days was inspired by summer and all the great things that happen this time of year. So many bright days, warm nights and some of the best dance music festivals take place during these months.” van Buuren tells Billboard Dance.

Even though an insane hard track is everything we want for a raging good time, sometimes a smooth, warm and deep-housy rhythm is the best remedy for a great time.  It’s songs like this that never fail to bring about an authentic “summer-feel” and really capture the breathtaking moments of a summer day.

“Sunny Days” music video captured the beauty of Italy’s hot summer sun.  It showcases chill vibes, catchy choreography and a little reminder of the silent happiness a simple sunny day can bring – check it out below!

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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