Spire  Photo taken from Spire Houston Facebook

Walking up to the hot, new nightclub, Spire Houston, can definitely be intimidating at first. The white walls complimented by the stained glass windows screams elegance. The once Scientology church turned nightclub hosted the amazing producer, WhatSoNot.  Known for his experimental sounds, he came to take Houston for a ride.

Video by Victoria Garces

Houston locals, DJ Phon and Skwiph, started the night off by filling the two-story nightclub and the miraculous Moroccan room with their heavy house beats. Eager groups of people started popping bottles left and right and began dancing the night away. 12:30 rolled around, the room and stage go black. WhatSoNot’s logo fades in and Chris Emerson emerges from underneath the decks. WhatSoNot takes us on a wonky bass and trap filled journey through all of his singles and remixes, from classics like the Branchez of ‘High You Are’ to newer releases like ‘Divide & Conquer’.

WhatSoNot’s performance was one to not miss. If you did, luckily, TRILLVO reader and Houstonian Erick Dimas didn’t want anyone to miss his favorite WhatSoNot remix, ‘Innerbloom’.

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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