Shortly after playing an impressive set at EDC Las Vegas, Jeff Montalvo (Seven Lions) released his latest EP album, Where I Won’t Be Found, on June 26th through Seeking Blue. During his set, Seven Lions released some of the new tracks in his EP using brilliant song choice and the fusion of different music styles. For the EP, Seven Lions went outside of melodic dubstep by experimenting with other genres, adding talented vocalists to almost every track (very atypical of him), and throwing in a future bass collaboration with Unlike Pluto

“Freesol” feat. Skylar Stonestreet takes you on a journey of future bass using a vibrant drop, melodic chords, and euphoric vocals. Skylar Stonestreet is featured as both the songwriter and vocalist for this track, which was released 2 months ago during Jeff’s “There & Back Again” spring tour. Released in early June, “Where I Won’t Be Found” feat. NEONHEART built hype for the album’s release and captured an upbeat mealody with powerful vocals. Male vocalist, James Flannigan, makes an appearance for the track “Slow Drive”.  James’ tempo remains constant while the background melody transforms several times throughout the song. Seven Lions first introduces us to vocalists Rico & Miella in “Sun Won’t Rise” with their soft, sweet vocals that compliment the smooth and chill melody playing in the background.

With a future bass feel, the collaboration “Rescue Me” with Unlike Pluto has an energetic first drop with a trappy feel and makes you want to dance or head bang.  Vocalists Rico & Miella return later in their second track “Without You My Love” that catches many people by surprise. The experimental track incorporates a smooth buildup, but has a soft drop with an unexpected slow tempo and quiet bass. The only non-vocal track in the EP, “Steps Of Deep Slumber” brings high energy with its fast beat and instrumental drums.  Many Seven Lions fans recognize the track because it was previously used as the intro track for Seven Lions’ “The Journey” tour. Oddly enough, Unlike Pluto toured on the same tour with Seven Lions. Encompassing Seven Lion’s signature sound of melodic dubstep, the EP is closed out with “Silent Skies” feat. Karra, which was partially written by Hailene. The vocalist Karra has previously worked with other artists including Paris Blohm.

Overall, Jeff Montalvo did an amazing job with this album that is full of experimental tracks and powerful vocalists. The album itself feels similar to the way Seven Lions fuses different music styles at his festival sets.

Check out Seven Lions’ recent set at EDC Las Vegas where he debuts tracks from his new EP album.

Seven Lions: Facebook |  Soundcloud  | Twitter

Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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