Daddy Borgore dropped a fire new single on July 6: “Domino” featuring Mad Cobra. Praise the dubstep gods because Borgore blessed us with old school dubstep… yes dubstep!

Borgore was able to bring a unique sound by teaming up with Jamaican reggae musician, Mad Cobra. Something about steel drums and the iconic dubstep “wub” just goes together, creating the perfect bass face.

I’ve been a huge Borgore fan ever since I first heard “Nympho”. I actually followed him one year to all his Florida stops just because I couldn’t get enough of his style of dubstep. I am a fan of many of his other tracks, especially his song with Wakka Flocka, which reminds me of when I first discovered dubstep.

Daddy Borgore, if this song is a glimpse of what you have in store for future tracks, then you will have succeeded in bringing back your original sound; all dubstep lovers will rejoice!!!!

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

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