Upon arrival of Aura, you’re greeted by such uplifting ladies.  You could physically feel the kicking electro beats flowing outside.  Upon entry, the colorful lasers pulled you toward the chilly dance floor along with Tommy Tran’ s progressive bouncy vibes filling the air.  As the night continued, people bumped their way to crowd the dance floor.  When midnight struck, the crowd eagerly awaited at the rails for Mim and Liv  to make their much anticipated appearance.  As Tommy Tran ended his set, the lights dimmed low, and the room focused on the backdrop of Nervo’s graphics while a remix of Revolution made all of us scream.

These ladies jumped out of the doors, waving to their fans as they climbed on stage.  They dropped their first electro beats, both of them bouncing as everyone shouted louder and scrambled towards the front. Their progression seemed never ending as the night went on.  Mim really surprised the crowd when she flew down stairs and gave the entire front row shots of jaëgermeister.  They were extremely happy when they spotted a fan they recognized from a previous show!  He wore a nervo shirt with both of the sisters featured and was greeted with a warm hug when his shot for jaëgar came around.  Without a doubt the highlight of the night was when Nervo gave a first time preview for their new unreleased track!

As the end neared, these ladies would not permit the crowd to not stop jumping! They ended strong and full of energy as the crowd begged for another song. They gave in and dropped this incredible tropical house that even had the security guards grooving around to it.

Posted by:Ana Alvarado

We all have our different things we're passionate about but after finally finding my place, I feel like I'm at home. Every day I work harder to be better.

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