YehMe2! Josh Young, known as “YehMe2”, just released his second Steal This Mixtape on July 4th on Fool’s Gold Records and this man shows no sign of slowing down! This 28-track mixtape is stuffed with sampled and remixed songs from all different kinds of musical genres.

Josh, formerly one half of the notorious trap duo Flosstradmus, has branched off and started his own solo project, YehMe2, and for the past two years, he has done a beat a day for an entire month of his choosing on his Instagram page featuring his wife, first son, and himself turning up to the highest of levels!  He has truly been hyping himself up with STMT and now STMT2 being nothing short of fire for the summer!

He released a couple tracks from the mixtape early to keep everyone their toes such as a remix to Drake’s track Both, a remix of xxxtenacion’s track Looking For A Star, and a sample remix of Kendrick Lamar’s DNA.

Josh also used tracks that I would never think could get some kind of hip-hop/trap twist to them such as Twist, Blue Moon, Summertime, and Chick Habit. He was able to fuse together two very different generations into one.  Imagine if the era of Elvis Presley and YehMe2 had a love child, that is what these tracks represent.

The last two tracks on STMT2 are Sabali (a killer choice highlighting his extensive music knowledge from nas & damien marleys tape) & Slow Down.  The whirlpool of snares and bass notes complement the soothing and lovely vocals in both tracks. Slow Down, especially, brings a sense of euphoria with visuals of bright colors with a sunset over a calm ocean current.

There are not enough compliments I can give for STMT2 and YehMe2.  All of these tracks will be in my rotation for many months to come and provide emotions that can not be described in mere words.  All I can say is give this a listen and be ready because YehMe2 is not going anywhere any time soon.

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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