Andrew & Scotty of Two Owls have teamed up with Jameston Thieves for a roller coaster of a track that starts off light and refreshing with hints of a distorted sound that previews the incredible drops to come.  As a woman’s commanding voice speaks to anyone who’s wronged her, “I want the last laugh, don’t try to rub it in my face because I’m past that!” you hear a build fade into the background and then drop into a whirlwind of riveting synths and sonic percussion. A break slows things down with a calming and melodic melody into a clap that mimics the sounds of motivational applause from friends; you will get the last laugh! The final drop is heavy, pure madness, that captivates the listener and will be sure to distort faces.

Two Owls have made an unbelievable mark in the recent months starting with their remix of Mt. Eden’s Sierra Leone that quickly ramped up the musical charts. These owls have taken the internet by storm with a blend of major releases, festivals, and a music release frenzy!

Jameston Thieves has recently come off his hit collab with Ghastly on OWSLA that made its way to every mainstage set-list this year followed by a BBC Radio premiere. Following, Jameston Thieves hit soundcloud with a series of free downloads and remixes followed by a major announcement at Dancefestopia later this year.


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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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