LEViT∆TE is a TRILLVO favorite for so many reasons, his unique sound design along with his uncanny ability to tell stories with sound sets him apart as one of the great producers of our time. With this track Connor teams up with 808 Mafia’s own Fuse for a ride of a sound experience by the name of Black Mass. Something you might not know about Fuse, not only is he the vice president of 808 Mafia, he produced the platinum single “Moves” for Big Sean along with having produced countless tracks for artists such as Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

The track intro’s in with tribal drums and an echo that imitates the sound of a cult ritual, you hear a faint horn before vocals fade in and then BOOM! hits with an incredible sound switch of bass and cutting synths. It’s so dark and so intriguing. There’s so many incredible changes of sound throughout the track, you’re taken on a journey as vocals of “bad bitch” & “Fuck 12!” are barely recognizable; the artist’s intent. Towards the end of the track the sound changes again to what sounds like the cutting of blades and an incredibly beautiful build into an 808 Mafia adlib that signals Fuse’s contribution. As you ride a wave of alluring and spooky music which finally bring us back to the original hook that states, “I see them run when I come on the block with their hands in the air and my hand on the glock!”

The track tells a story of a lifestyle, or better yet a day in the life of. Everything LEViT∆TE has ever hit us with is powerful and this collab with Fuse is no different, it’s another voyage you embark on with sound that only a few producers are able to create.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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