Zomboy’s newly released track “Rotten” is another hybrid trap banger that wastes no time hyping you up. This track is consistent with Zomboy’s typical style that is void of long drawn out intros or vapid melodies. The composition and sound design paired with meticulous mixing and mastering cohesively glues the entire song together that let’s Bok Nero’s vocals sit nicely on top of the track.

The upbeat feeling that can only be brought to you by Zomboy is ever so present in this new track. In “Rotten” Zomboy digs into his more trap-like roots and cleverly weaves his notorious dub sounds in order to perfectly mesh the two that breeds a very hybrid sounding track. The fast paced bass sounds that he implements engages all ears.

Surely this track is to find it’s way into plenty of clubs as a hype track.  The way that the different instruments, and synths, and vocals speak to one another, delivers a disparate vibe exclusive to Zomboy.

Posted by:William Cruz

Producer/DJ Music is the essence of existence.

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