(When asked, “Can you send me your favorite of all the photographs you have taken”, Techno Terry responded with this photo… “It’s really difficult for me to pick my favorite photo. I’m my own harshest critic, so I always find something to not like about my photos. This photo I took of Seven Lions at EDC Orlando 2015 really stands out to me, mainly because its different than most of the content I see on a daily basis. I really get to do my own thing when I work with him.”.)

Photography means freedom of expression. You can capture people in their most vulnerable state or at the peak of their happiness. It’s beautiful capturing someone’s facial expression whenever they’re walking down the aisle or whenever they see their newborn baby. You can divulge 1,000 meanings, emotions and words in one image. Videography in the music industry is about providing a connection to the people that enjoy the music to the artists and the experience. Photographers give access to experiences that millions of people either witnessed or didnt get to witness, you can relive the experience through a photograph or you can feel as if you were standing right there. Being able to transport someone into a festival that was unable to attend or connecting them to their favorite artist by creating a personable video directly correlating to a song, that’s the force that drives photographers in the industry; being a vessel for the community.

When a single 30 second video can give you goosebumps, when a simple photograph of an artist dropping the track that saved your life can bring you to tears, that’s the art of producing music with an image.

brxvn2Shot By BRXVN

Bryan Perez, better known as BRXVN, is a 23 year old photographer from Los Angeles, CA who made his way into the scene during early 2015.  BRXVN is an incredibly talented Videographer & Photographer, over the past year or so he has shot for numerous incredible artists all around the world such as Kayzo, Flux Pavilion, Gammer, DJ Carnage, DJ snake, Junkie Kid, Skellism & many more.

Techno Terry is a 24 year old insanely talented Videographer & Photographer out of Key West, FL. Currently resident cinematographer for Sunset Events at the Ritz Ybor. He has shot for incredible names such as Valentino Khan, Bro Safari, Young Jeezy, SAYMYNAME, Hermitude, NGHTMRE, Herobust, and Seven Lions.

untitledGonzo, 26 from New Jersey, is a very versatile shooter that has a broad range of styles. He’s been shooting for years and is 4B’s go to guy and one of his closest friends. Gonzo is very respected in the industry and has shot for people such as Dj snake, Travis Scott, Floss, Oliver heldens, Nervo, D.o.d, Loudpvck, Super duper Kyle, Dougie f, Bailo, Yellow claw, Mercer, Tchami, Aazar.

mattyMatty Vee is a newcomer in the industry, being brought to the light by the same people that helped launched Brxvn’s incredible career, Skellism. Having now shot at big events such as Get Lucky, EDC Las vegas and for amazing artists like Funtcase, Skellism and LNY TNZ; Matty V is ready to leave his mark in EDM Photography.

Vic Mensa, Shot by BRXVN

How did each of you get started in this industry?

Brvxn: I started about 2 and a 1/2 years a ago, when my best friends (Skellism) needed a photographer at one of their shows in San Diego. At that time I had just bought my first DLSR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera)

Techno Terry: I got started in photography back in 7th grade. Back then I was a big time nerd, spending a lot of time making custom weapon models for video games and hanging out on internet forums with other nerds. Some of them were practicing photography and posting their work, which inspired me to pick up a camera myself. I got into music photography in 2014 when I got a job at Venue 578, formerly known as Firestone Live in Orlando, FL. I was their house photographer for almost 2 years.

Gonzo: Well I got into it kind of by accident. I was at a bar and 4B was the dj there every week. So we started to become friends and I started promoting for him. He mentioned that he really needs to start getting photos and videos done but doesn’t know anyone that would do it. At the time it meant nothing to me. Than one day we were doing some teen event and I had a really cool video in my terrible phone and my phone ended up crashing causing me to loose the video. We both were so mad and that’s when I turned to him and said “if I buy a camera would you hire me?” The rest is history I guess lol. No lie my phone was a flip phone that the screen would come off completely and be attached by the wires the struggle was real

Matty Vee. Growing up, my mother always had a camera. She took videos and pictures of random moments. Seeing all her pictures and the way she captured moments inspired me to capture my own life the same way. When my mom saw how I grew my passion for it, she gave me a more expensive camera to grow with. When I started raving in 2010, I fell in love with the rave scene. I thought to myself one day, what if I could combine my passion of both raving and videography. I started by filming my friend Sweet Tooth. I emailed other artists asking them to let me film them, of course we all get rejected at one point.

4B Shot By Gonzo

Noe to BRXVN: So many of us have seen your videos that Kayzo posts and every one of them are insane! You and Kayzo make an amazing team. How did you and Kayzo meet? Did you two just cross paths and start working together? Did he specifically ask you to join him on his shows or how exactly did that go down?

Brxvn: I had met him a few times before, through mutual friends and at events, but his manager, Jon Rieker, is the one that discovered me. I was shooting for Gammer, and Gammer would only want me to shoot for him, and soon enough Jon noticed my work and he asked me if I was interested in shooting for Kayzo. This all happened last September.

Noe to BRXVN: When you got asked to shoot for Kayzo what were your emotions like? How did you take all of that in? I’m sure that was a very pivotal moment in your life. From shooting smaller shows to shooting major festivals is a huge move. How does it feel to travel all around the world, doing what you love the most?

Brxvn: Being asked to go on tour was definitely a dream come true, it was one of my goals since I started to do videography. Not only was I asked to shoot Kayzo, but I was asked to cover the whole Flux Pavilion Tour that just happened recently also! And being able to travel around the world is crazy, because I grew up in LA, but my parents and I never had the money to really do anything, so when I had my first trip out of the country it was pretty crazy! Getting paid to do all this is pretty mind blowing as well, and still is.

Flosstradamus at EDC Las Vegas 2017 Shot by Matty Vee

RayTrill to Techno Terry: Can you tell us how you acquired the name Techno Terry?

Techno Terry: The name Techno Terry started as a joke between me and my friend Ben Weickert. We wanted Ryan Farber to DJ at our afterparty, so we decided to just make a flyer and announce it. After seeing a million Disco Donnie Presents flyers, I decided to make a fictitious company that was throwing this afterparty called Techno Terry Presents. The logo was a flame instead of a water drop. I think I still have the flyer somewhere.

RayTrill to Techno Terry: BRO, LMAO! Did he play the event?

Techno Terry: Yeah, Mija and him played a b2b techno set. It was awesome!

       Techno Terry’s fake flyer that led to a real b2b with Ryan Farber & Mija 😂

You have all shot for so many amazing shows, of all of these shows which ones are your favorites or most memorable?

Brxvn: That’s a really hard one, just because every show is pretty crazy. But I can give you my top 3: 1st would be EDC Mexico, 2nd Boothaus Germany, and 3rd Nameless Festival in Italy.

Techno Terry: My favorite experience has got to be meeting Ghostface & Raekwon. It happened within the first few months that I was working in music. Raekwon wanted to look at my photos. I will never ever forget that day. My favorite show I’ve shot is definitely Young Jeezy. I’m pretty sure I have every song he’s ever made on my computer. I got goosebumps when he performed Way Too Gone. Dudes live performance sounds exactly like the recording

Travis Scott Shot By Gonzo

Gonzo: I would say it’s a tie between edc vegas and edc Orlando EDC vegas was unreal. It was first time out west and I got to meet the top dogs in the industry. The best of the best. I remember 4b played the 7up stage and broke the record for most people to attend that stage. It was truly unreal! The energy the people that made there own clothes and flags and just all around support was awesome! I remember at that time both of us were super beyond broke and we spent our last pennies getting out there. It was truly an experience I will never forget But edc Orlando was the first time I was ever able to shoot a main stage. It was the biggest stage he ever played at at the time and it was insane! Everything from the visuals to the lighting to co2 and confetti. The crowd was going nuts and not one person stopped dancing the entire time. It was so much fun, I never wanted it to end I’m actually kind of excited to see what it looks like bc those photos are 2-3 years old now lol

Matty Vee: Lny Tnz gave me an opportunity to tour with them to do 5 shows in 5 days during EDC week. That was an incredible adventure to experience with them. It has pushed me to work harder to receive another opportunity like that. EDC has been my favorite festival since 2010. Now EDC 2017, I went as media, capturing my favorite moments of my career so far. My life changer was when Skellism was performing at the Avalon in Hollywood in December 2016. I was there originally shooting for their opener and managed to get a few raw clips of Skellism. I uploaded one onto my Instagram and they instantly messaged me to film. Next thing I knew, my first out of state event was filming in El Paso, Texas. It was called Carnage presents Rare.

Carnage Shot By BRXVN

Did any of you imagine this is the career you would have ended up in when you were younger?

Brxvn: HAHA Never in a million years my dude! Right after high school I went to college but I didn’t know what I wanted to study, I was pretty lost for a moment. Then I picked up a film camera because a couple of my friends were doing it, but I never considered it a real job.

Techno Terry: I never imagined myself doing this when I was younger. I thought I was going to be a programmer.

Gonzo: Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be doing this.

Matty Vee: If you would’ve told me a year ago I’d be where I am now, I’d think you were crazy. I have worked hard to solidify my position in the industry. I have been blessed to be where I am now. This is just the beginning of my career. I have been able to work with so many artists, other talented photographer/videographers that continue to inspire me. The most rewarding aspect is all the new friendships I have created.

070A2403DJ Snake Shot By Gonzo

Ana to Matty Vee: As an up and coming photographer in the industry, how are you aiming to set yourself apart from the rest?

Matty Vee: My love for photography, videography and EDM is something I took on as a passionate project. When I start working, I look for the moments that are natural, vibing and stand out. In order to separate myself from the rest, I create fresh ideas. There is no better feeling than the love I receive from sharing my vision of capturing festivals and shows through my eyes.

Ana to Matty Vee: What were you doing before shooting for Skellism?

Matty Vee: After high school, I completed my associate degree in fire science and fire academy with the EMT program. For as long as I remember, I wanted to be a fire fighter. I ended up being an EMT for 2 years before deciding to return to school to complete a degree in marketing. My time in school was so demanding I had to quit being an EMT. Even when I was still an EMT working anywhere from 12 to 20 hour shifts, I would run to the next event with my camera in hand.

Ana to Matty Vee: Where do you want your career in photography to lead you?

Matty Vee: I dont see my future in just filming artists. I see myself filming movie trailers and short films. That’s my goal. Photography and videography have become a way of life and it is hella addicting and it’s all i think about.

Carnage Shot By Techno Terry

Music is so powerful and evokes so much emotion. In your own words describe why photography is so important in conveying these emotions and what photography means to you.

Brxvn: Music Has always had a special relationship with Photography and Film. The music let’s people go to different places and emotions in there mind. When you add Visual to the music it creates a lasting image and relationship between the consumer & the content. Taking sick photos of my friends and other talented artist that I believe in , That’s what it’s all about..

Techno Terry: Music brings people together. I see artists who put their entire heart and soul into music and I can’t help but feel it. There are so many incredibly beautiful and rare moments that happen during a performance, from stage center to the depths of the crowd. Photography is very similar. Every photographer seeks to tap into the universal feelings and concepts that connect humanity. Tapping into this connection and sharing this connection with others is what gives photography its importance. The same goes for music or any other form of artistic expression. Photography means the world to me. It helps me to connect with other people. Often I feel there are not enough words in the English lexicon to describe how I feel. I can express my thoughts and feelings better with a video or a photograph than I can with words. Hence the old “a photo is worth a thousand words” adage.

Gonzo: Photography is awesome! I get to express what my emotions are during that set. Photography and videography is being able to express yourself in the way you want to be expressed. I like to edit the photos the day of bc I still have that emotion and ideas fresh in my head. If I edit the same album a different day than maybe the album will have a different feel to it. It all depends on how I’m feeling that moment and that reflects in the post. I love capturing the artists true emotion to when a song drops. It really gives you that feel of being there. You might not know exactly what he is playing and or hear it bc it’s just a still image but u know it was crazy lol. I also like to push myself on different styles of editing. Photography like music is an art form. There’s no right way and there’s no wrong way.

LNY TNZ Shot By Matty Vee

In closing, do any of you have any words of advice to aspiring EDM and music industry photographers?

Techno Terry: You can do anything that you put your mind to. You get out what you put in. The internet is the most valuable resource in the world. Ask questions. Be persistent. Be yourself. Be nice.

Gonzo: Never stop learning and trying to better yourself bc there is always someone better or working harder out there than you are

Shot By Matty Vee
untitled2A Shot of Gonzo Shooting 4B
Skellism Shot By Matty Vee
Shot By Gonzo
Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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