A little about these 2 artists:

Sam Fishman (Sam F) is an upcoming producer from the California Bay Area. He has been on the rise since creating ‘When Will The Bass Drop?’ with Adam Samberg for an SNL skit. He recently released his Electric Soul EP, which has 5 tracks which have a summertime pop feel to them.

Yntendo is a DJ & producer duo made up of Alan Notkin and Apphia Castillo based in Los Angeles. Their tracks take you to the darker side of EDM, while still keeping it groovy. I know they have an EP in the works, which I am super excited for! There will definitely be a review on that in the future.

When you listen to ‘Feels So Good’, you can hear the combination of Sam F’s lyrical-pop style and Yntendo’s dark house style. You wouldn’t think that these two genres would mix well, but this track definitely proves that wrong. A perfect example of yin and yang; two things on the opposite side of the spectrum coming together and complementing each other.

Follow Sam F: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Follow Yntendo: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Stephanie Huynh

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