stranger fruit (35 of 75)
Daygee (left) Eddy (right) “If you don’t find a scene for you….create that shit”

Normally recognized as DJ’s Daygee and Eddy of Paperwater, they’re equally if not more passionate in the production of their sound. They decided to stop waiting and started #52 weeks to get things rolling, “a track a week, till we prove a point” said Eddy. With six weeks in and six tracks down the guys are well on the way to making their point. Along with notes about the composition of each track, and thoughts about how they feel about the finished product, it almost gives off afeeling of being present in the studio with them –  a place where both the guys feel most comfortable and  satisfied. Not to say the guys don’t enjoy playing in front of a packed house, but becoming a DJ was a necessity at first in order to give them the ability to pursue music full time. However, each learned how crucial parties and nightlife are to the music creation process, after all the best ideas come while the suns coming up after a long night of dancing.

Growing up in Miami, Daygee and Eddy decided to create something that further represented the culture they wanted to spread, which lead to the the beginning of “Half/Full” parties – a “come as you are” Hip-Hop party where Daygee said “just be yourself and dance you ass off”. Paperwater plays with an open format which allows the guys to read the crowd and create a whole new experience every time they perform. Right off the back I got a different new vibe from these guys, from their mixes, to self produced tracks they’re definately thinking outside the box. Check out # 52 weeks Paperwater for downloads of current #52 weeks tracks!

Posted by:Robert Cardenas

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