I’m Casey Jones (not my real name) from Las Vegas, California, I just turned 30 this year. I got myself into DJing when I had friends doing it downtown here in Vegas, and wanted to join in on the fun. I immediately got hooked into actually producing. I figured it was a lot better way to express myself in a art form other then just playing what everyone wants to hear. Oh and I’m old. I turned 30 this year 😂

So how long have you been DJing and producing? and what is your real name?

My real names Cody lol but djing for about 4 years and producing about 3.

I’m sure its difficult making it in vegas? whats the music industry like out there?

It’s probably one of the hardest cities to actually “make it” in. We have to compete with 50k dollar a night acts. Huge names come here on the daily you know. Why would someone waste time on someone smaller? But that’s just the industry I guess.

so how did you get in, I’m sure people will wonder?

Well im nowhere near what some of my friends have done here lol and I have yet to actually play on a club night. But I have play a lot of events here already. I played bassrush pool party this year and a couple others. But honestly, I’ve just kept to myself and marketed myself how I thought I should be with my music and it’s just now actually starting where I wanted it to be.

unnamed (1)

if you could describe your sound to a deaf person, how would you?

Wow that’s a hard question lol maybe picture a transformer dancing around grooving instead of smashing everything like dubstep lmao or a house style dubstep if they didn’t like transformers lol.

Of all the tracks you’ve made, if you had to show someone only three what would they be?

Headstrong that was just recently released, peach booty and troll. I hardly ever show people unreleased music, so they probably wouldn’t hear those lol.

Ok Cody, tell us about the mix you prepared for our audience..

This mix has some unreleased songs of mine of course, and i also am starting a tradition period of my music. This is basically the premier of it. I used to play dubstep and bass house with some trap songs. Now it’s simply all 128bpm. I wanted to start doing this just because everyone plays the hardest hitting songs these days in each set. But I want to draw the listener and viewers into something they probably haven’t heard, or the ones that are “bassheads”.

– SoundCloud: @iam_caseyjones
– Twitter: @caseyjonesvegas
– IG: @iam_caseyjones

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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