The Lords of the Lit drop another incredible track to add to their already astounding discography! This morning, they unleashed Denali on Super 7 records and My God! These guys have taken a genre and played with it as if it was clay. They’ve shaped and molded it, balled it back up and reshaped it again. Their incredible ability to reinvent and redefine the mold for what hard trap is, sets them apart as two of the best producers in the game right now.

Denali starts off with a delightfully pleasing chord of piano keys, interuppted by the welcoming advance of a heavier key signaling madness to come. The beat builds into the vocal before the drop, “I’m a nasty mother fucker!” and then boom! The drop is a distorted synth arrangement along with trademark gun shots! It’s so idiosyncratic in sound design and so hard! another tranquil break and build into an equally as iconic second drop closes out, what is another classic, Lit Lords track. We cant wait to hear  this dropped at their upcoming show at Stereo Live Houston.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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