Okay, the Paul Oakenfold drought is over! It’s been almost a year since the legendary British DJ has dropped any new music; perhaps his climb back down from Mount Everest – after performing for his Generations World Tour – took a little longer than expected.  Nonetheless, his much anticipated return to the edm scene was a refreshing success with his latest single ‘Waterfall” featuring the beautiful vocals of rising singer from LA, Lizzy Land.

Much of Oakenfold’s classic style can be heard throughout the dynamic beat shifts, from its building lows to the ear-pleasing highs. Lizzy Land’s synthesizing vocals washes an angelic vibe over this tune that combines trance, house, and future bass elements.  If you’ve got acute sound to detail and have been waiting for a drop that will perk up those ears, then go ahead and add this to your playlist! I don’t doubt this captivating track is going to climb the charts fast, so listen to this majestic killer for yourself.

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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