We first became aware of Champagne Drip when he was featured on a Quality Goods, Magellan Remix compilation, he hasn’t left our radar since then. 5 days ago he released his newest 4 track EP, Millennia, on Dead Beats Records and we are loving it. Champagne drip has a way of capturing the essence of his name within his sound and  the EP holds true to that.

The first track, the EP title track featuring Hollis, is an upbeat Spacey-Pop track with gorgeous vocals. Full of beautiful plays on words about escaping into eternity with the person you love. It’s a future bass meets funk track with transporting chill vibes.

Show me the Stars, the next track on the EP, was incredibly well named.. It gives you the feeling of floating through space. Galactic sounding lasers combined with astronomical samples creates an interstellar masterpiece and soft sounding vocals saying, “show me the stars”, seal the deal. We even hear the traditional effects created by Sam that bottle the sounds of Champagne fizzing in a flute.

Blue Science is my favorite off of the EP. I would call the song more of an experience than a track. The intro reminds me of the relaxing sounds of waves breaking on the shore. The track is inspiring, his sound design is magical really. This is one of those tracks that you can close your eyes while listening and let it take you away.

Scattered closes out what is a beautiful EP from Sam. Scattered is a complete opposite from the side of Sam the rest of the EP showed us. This track hints at the artist’s alter ego and reminds every listener why he’s so high on Zeds Dead’s radar. The dark distorted sounds and bass vibrations provide for a melodic resting place for the listener to close out the EP with.

10/10 Champagne Drip!

“Millennia” EP out now on @deadbeatsrecordssmarturl.it/CD_Millenia

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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