These astounding happy hardcore producers released their new collaboration today!

Darren styles has collaborated with Gammer and Dougal individually but having them in this trio has sparked things up! It starts with Gammer’s new unique sound and Darren styles build up where you can hear those Dougal progressions. This incredible trio has executed such an exciting beat!

“We don’t need no sleep because the party don’t stop!” Then the build up after keeps you pumped even after leg day at the gym. This happy hardcore evolution is becoming even better. With all this fast tempo, how can you slow down? All these riffs are keeping me full of energy.

When does the party ever stop? Even after a long exhausting day of work, we’re ready to get the night started and release our stress with this monstrous new colllab.

💥 Follow Darren Styles
SoundCloud: @darren-styles

💥 Follow Dougal
Soundcloud: @dj-dougal

💥 Follow Gammer
Soundcloud: @djgammer

Posted by:Ana Alvarado

We all have our different things we're passionate about but after finally finding my place, I feel like I'm at home. Every day I work harder to be better.

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