Prismo, also known as Zach Burgett, is a DJ, producer and songwriter from Texas, and he has definitely been on the come up. He recently opened for Illenium during his mini-Texas tour, and the ‘Prismob’ was there in full force to support (click here to read the show review). From his many singles, we know that Prismo is great with production alongside songwriting, but did you know that he also sings on his tracks?! There’s something about his voice that is just soothing to the ear. Many of his recent tracks have strayed away from his usual trap sounds, but we can’t complain with the new direction he’s moving towards.

His latest single “Smile” was released by Lowly Palace on SoundCloud. The track begins slow with a lovely mix between his own vocals and a gentle piano melody. It continues with a steady build, and then in perfect sync there is a breakdown of electronic staccato-ed chords. Zach keeps the track interesting by adding more of an uplifting sound for the second half of the song. He closes it by cutting every element except the vocals and the piano chords, circling it back to how the song first started.

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Posted by:Stephanie Huynh

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