“LUVSICK” has Kai Wachi pulling out all the stops. His most dynamic track off all is finally here, fusing genres together like never before. First, Kai enlists rapper Ylti to lay down some heat atop a haunting introduction. Then, Kai slams us face first into some of his usual heavy bass, but then twists things into something entirely different to show a new side to the evolving Boise producer. “LUVSICK” is as gut-wrenching as it is beautiful.

We’re going to break down this track for you because it requires the proper write up.

Kai Wachi has expressed talent with this track the likes of which hardly any can compare to. The intro is daunting, the lyrics are almost drake-like when drake is on his ‘fuck everybody i’m the best’ vibe. It’s insane how Kai blends genres, as a heavy hybrid experimental dub sound is thrown on the listener. The bass is heavily intertwined as vocals chime, “don’t play!” in the background. Ylti gives us incredible verses! “Even when i’m walking I’m still running bitch!” is the last line before and incredible, melodic piano and jazz vibe takes us into a softer dimension of the song and carries us out; leaves us wanting so much more of Kai.

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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