Vargo is so talented! We’ve followed his work since before his, ‘Say Things’ remix, which sealed it’s place as one of our favorite remixes of all time. Vargo, aka Daniel, resides in Oregon and is one of the most versatile young producers in the game. As the name of his pack suggests, he is not from Jersey, but effortlessly adapts the Jersey Club genre in his 3 bootlegs of popular tracks. His bootleg pack includes hits from XXXTentacion, Dabow & Skrillex, Trollface & G-Bucks edits of Yogi’s, Burial.

Daniel’s skill at transforming a melody into Jersey club seems to come so naturally with his unchallenged flip of Looking for a star. If you had never heard X’s track, it would seem as if this was how it was supposed to sound from the beginning. The way he mixes the emotions in X’s track with an upbeat Jersey club tempo is perfect. The flip of Dabow’s track incorporates Drumanjii; it’s the hardest of the 3 on the pack. Catching the listener off guard with the jersey flip that intertwines sirens from the original song, blaring in the background, and a smooth bounce. We are in love with the final on the pack; a veteran and rookie’s favorite, the Burial flip. I can’t stress enough how Vargo makes this shit seem so easy. The way Daniel blends this genre that’s taking the world by storm with an absolute classic is so refreshing and keeps a track that might otherwise be rinsed out seeming utterly brand new to whomever hears it.

Soundcloud: @vargomusic
Instagram: @vargo__
Twitter: @vargo__

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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