We are all different.  Every person is unique from their personality, their facial features to their roots in DNA.  Just as we all live very different lives, everyone has their own way of escaping it.  Many travel, some read, and others…well, they rave.

I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing small town raver from Mariposa, CA – Alec Evans.  Alec has been highly immersed within the edm scene for seven years now, and he has no intention of stopping anytime soon!  Alec isn’t any ordinary festival attendee, he is extremely dedicated to appearing in a high scale of festive wear, holds a massive collection of self-crafted Kandi and plur (he doesn’t call himself “Kandi Kid Alec” for no reason), and uses these festivals to fully express his individuality.  He truly defines what it means to be an ultimate raver.

Alec didn’t necessarily jump right into the scene, in 2010 he began to work his way there by attending small event rooms/venues before heading to his first major festival – Electric Daisy Carnival 2012.  This being the first legitimate rave scene Alec ever experienced, it was a special life-changing moment for him, considering it was where he accepted himself for who he was.

I really got to open up and be myself at EDC, it had this whole ‘no judgment’ feel when I got there – I really loved that.  I think it was one of the very first times I started being myself.

I learned its okay to be yourself, and I truly came out to myself as gay.IMG_0150


Alec has a wild eye for fashion, there’s no denying that.  He goes above and beyond to make himself stand out from the crowd.  You name it, and I can guarantee Alec has somehow managed to wear it and make it work!  From faux furs, kandi accessories, funky patterns, mirrored jackets, unique eye wear, and a lot of glitter; Alec always has a magnificent rave outfit to show off.  Being an edm fashionista isn’t all that easy, unless you love it as much as Alec.

I’ve been obsessed with the fashion in this community, I love putting outfits together, and that’s probably my favorite thing in the world.  Picking out the perfect outfit is a creative part of me and allows for my personality to shine more.

I sincerely admire him, not only as a positive public figure in the edm scene, but as an individual who really knows how to push past the boundaries society has implemented.  His fashion choices are a clear form of expression fearlessly showing everyone who he is.

Check out some of his creative styles below!



Kandi Kid

What good is an outfit without any Kandi?!  Not only is he a dedicated fashionista, but he also enjoys the art of making Kandi for friends, festival trades, or simply to strangers.  The entire community is built off of peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR).  “I love that whole plur scene, I’ve always been about finding people who like you for who you are.”  It was making friends with people like this that really got Alec started in bonding with other ravers which led to a mutual trade of friendship bracelets with one another.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t always have to be a trade.  Sometimes Alec gives out his own crafted Kandi to people he simply meets there and to those he feels have a genuine and open heart.  It’s not always about expecting something in return, but it shows his token of appreciation for the rave community.

No such thing as too much Kandi!

  Be You

I wondered what exactly it was that invited so many people to return to this ‘rave scene’.  Maybe it was the escape from reality, trying something new, or the feeling of acceptance and belonging somewhere.  For Alec, it was all of them.

Coming from a very small town near Yosemite, I was in the closet my whole life…and I didn’t think it was okay to be gay.  A few months before EDC I had a friend take his own life.  One of the things he wrote in his letter was that he was having the hardest time trying to accept himself– that’s what really shook me up.

Sometimes all we need to do is find a community who completely accepts you for who you are.  Alec found his the moment he walked into EDC and has continued attending festivals annually for the following seven years!

EDC was a very special place to me because it was the first place where I started to like myself for the very first time, I truly felt ok to be myself, and I didn’t want that feeling to ever go away.


Connect with Alec: Instagram

Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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