With our first edition of Stereo Live’s weekly round up we had an outstanding weekend from July 27th – July 29th Starting off with the Hard Trap Legends, Lit Lords at Hype Factory! The Lit Lords show was full of high energy from the resident Support of DRU & Atwood all the way until the Lords took the stage. DRU Bounced around a nice combination of Bass House, Trap & Dubstep to warm up the crowd for 2 hours and then let management mate Atwood storm onto the stage with his higher energy Future bass and trap combination!

Photos By Andrew Murillo & VikkiGShotMe

 ​ After our amazing Local support was done, after all the fun was had at the meet and greet with the fans, the Lit Lords stormed on to the esteemed Stereo Live Stage with a purpose! Letting the world hear their incredible hard sounds for the first time in the US with a live performance! Wade, the older of the 2, manned the decks for most of the night with Isiah tearing it up as hype man. The lords are the soul producers of most of the tracks rinsed out during their set! Isiah has this incredible energy as he commands a stage that is so contagious to everyone watching!

​After dropping some of their most famous tracks like, ‘Hard Sounds’ & ‘Crash n Burn’ along with countless unreleased tracks, Isiah surprised everyone by picking up his electric Guitar and ripping it up for the audience! Hype Factory is unique in that we never bring an artist who has played the stage before and we make sure to connect the fans with the artist as much as possible! Here is the group picture with fans that waited all night to meet the Lords after their set and some pictures from TRILLVO House photographer, VikkiGShotMe.

Photos By VikkiGShotMe

The following day at Stereo, a long running party by the name of ASOB or ‘A State Of Bass’ took place, this time consisting of some of the Dopest Houston Locals in the game right now. The idea behind the lineup was to bring on two headliners that really deserved to shine up there, along with a full lineup of locals that had never played stereo before. This concept brought in, not only fresh faces to the venue, but a fresh energy! As locals went out of their way to make merch for this event to give out to fans that waited months and years to see them play here! Everyone was so excited, I heard an amount of people asking for DJ’s names that I had never heard before at the venue. To see Houston so excited about their local talent was really wonderful!

Menace, AKA Dennis Patel, made all of his closest friends custom Menace Merch to see his debut at Stereo Live Houston.

​After the new guys played to a packed house, our veteran Rager Rabbit took the stage to drop filth after filth and closed out his set with a HUGE B2B with Menace! When the crowd calmed down a bit, silence fell over the audience and then cheers erupted as the Local headliner everyone had been waiting for emerged! Atwood took the stage for an EMOTIONAL roller coaster of a headlining slot! Playing out his own tracks to a high energy crowd and making many a person catch feelings as he threw all of his emotions into this set.

Atwood finished the evening with a B2B with DRU, his management mate and also another HUGE local talent in the Houston Scene. After bringing up his Mom for hugs and then giving a beautiful motivational speech to the crowd! Atwood climbed down for pictures and hugs from fans and friends.​

Finishing the weekend was DirtyBird’s own, Claude VonStroke.​

Starting the night off was Houston local Vance Lawrence, with his unique blend of House and Bass (music) that had me grooving the second I stepped into Stereo. As the night went along Vance handed off to the Geo Dudes from Austin that took the night to another level with those dark techno sounds and groovy house beats which started filling the dance floor for the Boss Bird himself.

Image result for claude von stroke

Claude played his unique style of Tech-house that has made Dirtybird Records one of the top labels of the decade. He made sure to play his original tracks from “Make a Cake”  and “The Rain Break” while teasing us with “Barrump” through out his set. Claude also took use back in time with his 2006 classic “Deep Throat” a personal favorite of mine. But he could finish the night without playing “Take Me to Your Leader” a Walker and Royce track featuring Dances With White Girls on the vocals that is on fire this summer.


Posted by:Robert Cardenas

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